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Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and RIpple (XRP) Analysis. Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Cryptocurrency News.


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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back into thevideo the topic of today’s video is -right my opinion on – and just reviewingit real quick so the first article wehave – up 70% in two days and what isthe driving rally I don’t have anotherone CCN – takes massive leap with 62percent overnight surge which is justcrazy and then we have – is unstoppablethe coin increased by 32% here’s why ifwe take a look at the coin mark capright now right Bitcoin is down one anda half one point five six percent XRP isdown five we have Bitcoin cash down 8%and Bitcoin SB guys down 27% as you guysif you watched my last video you shouldknow I’m out of Bitcoin cash I 100% outand I’m we have 50% left of my positionin a Bitcoin SV I took my initialinvestment out and I took half of mypocket out which I just left half theprofit I made in cuz you never know itcould go up to a thousand but it couldalso go back down to 100 s what I lefthalf of my pocket and I took the restout but if you guys see right here -down 0.17% look at the pictures on thescreen right now BAM – one week I madeone hundred and fifty percent guys thatis more than double your money rightthat’s crazy if you put a hundred you’dhave like 250 and right your totalthat’s crazy right look at – a monthright look at – BAM 195 is percent thatis literally almost double your moneythat’s crazyalright so put a hundred you would have300 that’s unbelievable right this kindof returns in a week in a month it’sjust unmatched like I said – is thedigital cash it has a huge followinghuge marketing huge team behind a lot ofpeople believe in it they use it so Gcoin if you if not gonna go my channelguys hit that like button hit thatsubscribe button I post daily videos Ihave already posted two videos today – 9hours ago 46 minutes ago so if you guysdo like cryptocurrency it’s like stayingon top of the news I watch every singlearticle I literally as soon as thearticle comes out I review it I talkabout it let you guys know right -videos at least 2 to 4 videos everysingle day we have daily videos and ifyou’re looking at my last video righthere we have – 10 days ago or 600 views- cryptocurrency and then we haveanother – video I’m pretty sure righthere tapping all coins – and I haveanother one clip – cryptocurrency andhuge news as you guys see one video tendays ago one video four days ago onevideo a day ago guys I’m constantlytalking about – that’s because I’m right- went up 10080% a week – wound up um what theycalled 200% almost in a month so that’swhy I believe in – I sold my Bitcoincash position I sold all my Bitcoin cashI took my initial investment out ofBitcoin SV and half of the profit outand I won’t be leaving in half of myprofit just cuz it’s a play money rightI like to think of myself as a cryptocollector and I add some of these I justwant a hold long term because you neverknow what if it pulls a Bitcoin where a10x is a thousand X Asian I mean goesfrom like you know a hundred dollars wego from 200 to 2000 you never knowthat’s I’m gonna keep half of the profitin I’m already out of this one and myoriginal investment this and I’m puttingit in more – right yeah I’m justaveraging some more – I think – can getback to a thousand we have this article- up 70% – days what’s driving rallyuh-uh-uh-uh-uh nearly all coins incrypto market surged the privacy focuscryptocurrency – stands out was one ofthe biggest winners recording a gameabout 70% in two days alone guys that isfreakin crazy look at this chart massivecup in hand can’t massive cup and handledecide about that massive cup and handlebroke through the hundred resistanceboth through the hundred twentyresistance but literally why can’t getto 150 and then break all the time tiesit’s very possiblenot all time but you’re I’m saying likeokay to break the highs over here it’sdefinitely possible guys top 10 -listing location Venezuela USA Colombiaand you have no Venezuela is a very bigone in crypto right now right behind theUS and we’re in front of the USA and alot of people are using – so again guysmeanwhile among the positive – or thenews is also launch of a DAP – adecentralized app there have also guys a- gained 62% a matter of hours on earlyWednesday morning highest coin pricerecord for the crypto currency sinceJuly 2017 since the bull run guys thatis crazycoin market cap reports are incredulous2.2 trillion in trade volume the 0.2trillion is unbelievable there’s agroundbreaking numbers the – cryptocurrency has returned to prominence onWednesday after a sizeable 32 percentgrowth over a matter of hours guysliterally within eight hours Tuesdayafternoon one unit of – we’re seeingtraining at pace of 80 by shortly aftermidnight is valued by a hundred andthirty guy that’s almost double that isabsolutely crazy – flies past weeklymonthly quarterly highI just said that just crazy guys nowatch trading please so just basicallyhuddle guys just hold it don’t sell -it’s an OG coin if you’ve been hotterlink – for a long term and you just beenkept averaging down and just justgetting more and more you’re happy ashell right now that says just I hadanother stellar day the coin hit 136which is the highest since july 2019 andthe coin is nearly 30% higher at thebeginning of the day which is crazy guys- USD the technical picture is a hugebreak out guys I would not be sellingI’m just buying more even if the dipseven if it goes down the last week thelast month the last three months lastquarter guys – looking amazing and it’sshowing down at the end of this thingright in two years five years there’snothing to be a couple Kryptos there’snot gonna be hundreds of thousands it’sprobably gonna be like 20 maybe 50 – isshowing this is one o G coin – stay guyshuge following huge marketing hugepeople behind it – is oh gee I’m justholding up guys I want to see – maybetop five I want to see either Bitcoincash or Bitcoin as we get kicked outhonestly like when go up see my idealthing would be like Bitcoin litecoin -Manero and then Bitcoin cash or Bitcoinhas to be then XRP I don’t likeaetherium then we have Clare down wehave Tronwe have Ani oh we have where’s the otherone chain link we have a couple otherones but I want to see the top five Iwant to see – get up there guys you guyslike the video subscribe check out mychannel I post two to four videos everysingle day mostly all cryptocurrency Iappreciate all the views the love thesupport the comments guys the engagementdidn’t get so much check on my othervideos peaceyou