BEST WAY TO INVEST IN 2020! – Cryptocurrency!

In this video I will be giving my opinion on I believe will make people money in 2020!
Any feedback or support it massively appreciated as I am a new channel and would like to continue to keep making videos and growing!

**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial adviser nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your own research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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Video Transcription

hello everybody welcome to my channel myname is crypto nodes and today I ambringing you a video as to how I thinkthe best way to invest $1,000 flashpowers into the crypto market is now Ijust want to start off by pointing outhow many crypto currencies that actuallyare there’s a total of 5000 of 34 nowyou have to bear in mind how many thatactually is and how many scam coins thatactually is I have been invested in thismarket for the total of two years nowand since then is increased over 2000 /3000 coins so it just shows how manycoins are being produced every singleday just be careful now the first cointhat I think that will make you money in2020 it’s going to be the most obviousone but in my opinion is the strongestone and it’s Bitcoin now with Bitcoin sofar in January 2020 it has currentlybeen up 22% which is the strongest it’sbeen since 2012 again very goodindications it is 55% down since itsall-time high but that does mean it is avery good buying opportunity because ifit does break its all-time high you’llbe looking at a very good profit it hasalso been around since day one which isthe main key aspect in my opinionbecause if it’s been around since dayone it is proven time and time again howsecure it is how it’s not a dead assethow it’s not going anywhere how it’sjust going to be part of everyday lifeit’s proven time and time again howpeople can travel the world how peoplecan live how people can do this and thatusing Bitcoin so in my opinion Bitcoinwill be the strongest it will be thesafest reason to invest in 2020now the next coin that I think that willmake money in 2020 it’s another obviousone but it’s another strong one and it’saetherium now as you’ll see later on inthe video that these are not all basedoff their leaderboard rankings so itwon’t be a number 1 to 4 but for me atheorem isn’t of a strong warm purelybecause it’s 95 percent down since itsall-time high at one point UK and it isnow currently trading at 160 odd dollarswhich is again the big difference in itsprice it has also been around since notaswas a Bitcoin but it’s been around justas long you could say and it’s a provenagain what it can do it doesn’t need toprove it because it’s already proving ityou have its own blockchain and you haveother cryptocurrency coins that use theetherium blockchain to create their ownso again a theorem is another strong onein my opinion Bitcoin into very I’mlooking like the strongest contendersbecause they have been around and theyhave proven it time and time again whatthey can do and how they have done itit’s just the case of will it be broughtinto the rest of the world so for me thestrongest two is going to be Bitcoin andetherium they are pretty obvious optionsbut they are the strongest options nowthe third coin that I’m gonna be pickingas to what I think can make you money in2020 it’s a bit of a riskier one but inmy opinion it’s still a strong coin andit’s chain linknow with chain link I call them thePayPal of blockchain purely because theyshare very similar attributes toaetherium now their price since theyhave come out in july 2019 has been verysolid by the looks of it so far comparedto the rest of the market but it didtake an 85 plus decline in the marketnow chain link so far as price iscurrently at 2.40 – which is again agood buying opportunity considering hispeak was that free dollars 80 I think itwas which is again good the reason why Ithink it could blow up so much in priceis because of the bull run / Bitcoinhaving now this is the first time chainlink will be experiencing a halving / ofBull Run this could prove to be prettybig for its impact on its price so chainlink I’ve gone for as its chart is veryvery solid so far it has got a lot ofrecognition in the news recently it is avery solid reliable calling by the looksof it and I’m pretty sure governmentsare looking to adopt this one in acertain circumstance after the after thehaving now this will be interesting onits price because it is very very cheapit did come out in 2019 butthis will be its first having experienceand for me that is massive because youdon’t know how much of a percentageincrease or decrease this could have onits price that is why chain League is ariskier one because it could fall outlike quite a lot of the other ones didbut it has kind of proven it to someextent and it is a strong coin so in myopinion it is a very very reliable cointhat could make you quite a lot of moneycompared to the other two because ithasn’t experienced a bull run or anyform of a have in yet then this will bethe first one it will experience and itcould be massive for it so that’s why Ipicked chain-link now one of the lastcoins not only putting on this list iscalled merino now Mirena is a verystrong contender in my opinion purelybecause it is a privacy coin now thisshares very similar aspects to Bitcoinand it has been in the top 20 for aconsiderable amount of time which isshowing that how strong it is in myopinion as well privacy and smartcontracts will be the future privacy akadecentralized apps to centralizewebsites people want to have theirprivacy back so that’s why I thinkmerino and Bitcoin other coins like thatI think there will be very strongcontenders as well as the smartcontracts you have conned like aetheriumand chain-link I think they’ll be verystrong because they’ll be helping thefuture and the economy in the future nowthis is going to be the last coin thatI’ll be picking as to what I think willmake you money in 2020 and again it’sanother obvious one but you want to playit safe because if you do gamble athousand dollars on any of these bigcoins and they have probably haven’tproven anything you’re gonna loseeverything so if you wanted to play itsmart you want to go ideally any cointhat’s proven itself in the top 20 butyou want to do your own research yourown research of each coin is massivelymassively important because you couldlose everything if you take a chancethe next coin and the final coin isgoing to be XRP now with XRP a lot ofyou will like it a lot of you won’t likeitbut I strongly think that ox RP could beagain another strong contender purelybecause it’s been around for quite awhile and has consistently been provenitself by going up in price and holdingvery well at the number three spot inthe crypto leaderboard it’s currentlydown 93 percent from its all-time highwhich again is a lot compared to mostcoins but again it is a very good buyingopportunity considering what they havegot planned and considering how muchrecognition they do have by a lot ofhigh up people and a lot of high upgovernments which is again very veryimportant so I think if exile P did seea good bounce from this having you willsmash out the park with three dollars soagain think that exile P could beanother moneymaker as well as the otherprevious ones I showed youthose aren’t the only ones that willmake you money there are loads of othersthat will make you money but here’s thething like you have to bear in mind thisis why I keep saying it like there are alot of scam coins now of I’m gonna behonest with you I bought certain coinsthat were in the top 100 and they’ve nowlost me money luckily I only put in acouple hundred dollars or a couple or ahundred dollars but it’s the fact that Itook that risk and they still lost memoney so if I were youif you were going to do your ownresearch on these coins make sure theyhave already proven us one thing thatyou have to bear in mind make sure thatthey have already proven it they alreadyhave that platform built for them don’trisk your luck and try for theseup-and-coming coins that are some outthere don’t get me wrong but it’s justthe case you the lower you go down themore risk you take so in my opinion yourbest bet for investing in cryptocurrencyin 2020 is to pick the ones that havebeen around since day one or have beenaround the longest and they haveconstantly proven themselves time andtime again you can risk it but in myopinion don’t this is a brand newYouTube channel so if you guys did enjoyany of these recommendationsI will be bringing out more content inthe foreseeable future if you do likeany of it any feedback or support ismassively appreciated thanks forwatching peace


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