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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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Video Transcription

Bitcoin has been going a bit bananasthis year the crypto is now up around22% this year inching closer to that youknow 10,000 level it is not hits inSeptember BK what is dried I want tocall to come back yeah I wouldn’t beclear I mean after this kind of drop whythe sudden re interest so one Bitcoinwas the best performing asset last yearit was up over 80% so this is not reallya common $20,000 peak yeah often 70% toclimb yes well it does that everyseveral years so I mean if you under ifyou look at the markets that’s a verytypical move for Bitcoin so we’re up 80something percent last yearmomentum continues this year up 22% Italked back in December how the Bitcoinmarket Bitcoin the price of Bitcoin wasmispricing the address growth and sowhat you started to see is people kindof reprice the underlying fundamentalsaddress Gross was which is the onefundamental I look at was actuallygrowing while the price was decliningthat’s a big buy signal the exactopposite is happening right now theBitcoin price has got a little bit aheadof the address growth so just like Isaid about Apple just like I said aboutthe triple Q’s in 2000 when an assetgoes straight up that means a lot of thenews is priced in I think there’s a hugeupside for Bitcoin maybe just nottomorrow Bitcoin being Bitcoin heywelcome back everybody to volt coindaily my name is Aaron CNBC is reportingon Bitcoin because Bitcoin has just madea new high for 2020 not an all-time highbut we’ve never been higher in 2020 thanwe have in the past 24 hours and that’swhy you just saw what you saw so wetopped out around 80 900 we almost hitnine thousand dollars and CNBC amongother mainstream media outlets reportedon this so the reason I bring this up isbecause I want us all to think aboutthis big picture what do you think isgoing to happen once Bitcoin crossesanother thousand dollar milestonebecause this happened because Bitcoinwent from the $7000range to the $8,000 price range so whatdo you think is gonna happen whenBitcoin hits the $9,000 price range andthen the $10,000 price rangewhat do you thinks gonna happen whenBitcoin hits $21,000 and then furtherdown the line $33,000 what do you thinkis going to happen when Bitcoin goesfrom eighty-seven thousand dollars toeighty-eight thousand dollars they’regonna report on it the mainstream mediais gonna report on this all the way upto a hundred thousand dollars andthere’s really nothing anybody can doabout that because you’re not gonna beable to stop a Bitcoin because there’sno single point of failure you’re notgonna be able to print more Bitcoinbecause only 21 million what I likeabout this is that CNBC analyst BrianKelly in this video he had more of along-term outlook I guess he said at theend he said I think there’s huge upsidepotential for Bitcoin maybe just nottomorrow but huge upside potential itwas a very realistic outlook I thoughtand every time the mainstream mediareports on Bitcoin like you knowsomething like this it increasesbitcoins awareness so no matter whatthis is a huge net positive for BitcoinI think and that means all we reallyneed is time ladies and gentlemen allBitcoin needs is time and then awarenesswill increase and then trust willincrease and then time and awareness andtrust and all just compounds on itselfjust turns into a big snowball effectand then bitcoins price goes upthat’s right think it’s gonna happen andspeaking of time there are a hundred andeighteen days left until bitcoins supplyflow gets cut in half forever a hundredeighteen days this is gonna happen inearly May which is pretty close 118 daysyet there are 350 days until this yearendsthat means after the having we stillhave eight months before 2020 ends lookI don’t know if bitcoins going to break20k by the end of this year but at thevery least I think we’ll see a grindupwards now stock to flow shows us thatwe should be around 30k by the end ofthe year you can see that but we’ll seethere’s gonna come a point where Bitcoinnever gets below some of these pricepoints ever again there’s going to comea point where Bitcoin never falls below$10,000 again we’re not there yetthere’s gonna come a point where Bitcoinnever falls below 7,000 dollars againand we may be there now we don’t knowwhere we’re only gonna know after thefact but this is an exciting excitingyear anyways that was just a little foodfor thought and speaking of food forthought I did want to get your opinionon something that I tweeted out just 11minutes ago so hopefully you’refollowing us on our Twitter at ulta coindaily i/o I see five people have alreadycommented if you’re not following us youknow link to our Twitter’s in thedescription but I tweeted this out and Iwanted to get your take defy seems cooland all but are you guys bullish on eathwhat about the fact that aetherium hasno fixed supply and it’s also trendingtowards more centralized since it’sbecoming harder and harder to run a fullnode let me know your thoughts so fivepeople have already commented on thisbut from what I see the most seriouspeople in the space well first of alleverybody’s interested in Bitcoin butthe second coin that I feel like themost serious people are most interestedin is aetherium and really for me thetwo things holding me back on aetheriumare the fact it has no fixed supply andit’s also trending towards becoming morecentralized that’s really what’s holdingme back so so let me know your thoughtson this I’ll read some comments in asecond but another thing I’d wait it outI don’t know if you guys who live inAmerica watch the debate tonightbut I tweeted at CNN and CNN politicsCNN doesn’t have the guts to ask thecandidates they’re 2020 Bitcoinpredictions the American people deserveto know and they didn’t ask thecandidates but anyway let’s see whatpeople commented about my eath statementunder this the key word in your phraseis that aetherium seems seems coolpeople just nerd out on techyinnovations but do not focus on basicfundamentals like security /centralization which renders theseinnovations irrelevant and the marketreflects that no one cares scoreboarddoesn’t lie so I guess this person tendsto agree with me seems to me this guy’san Andrew yang fan Andrew yang not inthe debates tonight unfortunatelyAndrea always seems like he hassomething interesting to say no matterif you agree with them or not or howabout this how about you make a video onan exit strategy for your viewers whattarget percentage of coins are youpulling out or is that a secret notnecessarily a secret and I can’t tellpeople I can’t give you financial adviceand there’s no way I’m gonna be able tosell at the very top it’s notnecessarily a secret but I’m not I’m notyour financial adviser cool guy crypto Ilike what this person had to sayBitcoin basic education he goes I’m nota maximalist and believe in utility ofmany alts but it’s clear that aetheriumis the centralized choice of theindustry very worrisome oh just waitingfor a card ah no to steal the show sothat’s pretty much it feel free to headon over to our Twitter and let me knowin the comment the comments what youthink let’s get to some other news sothis is courtesy of Yahoo Finance Yahoois reporting Twitter is considering atipping feature so I thought this wascool that Yahoo Finance reported on thisTwitter is consist Witter is said to beconsidering a feature that will allowusers to tip each other from theirtweets so actually if you read the storyit says that two people who are familiarwith Twitter are reporting this so thisisn’t even a fishsome outlets are misreporting that it’sspecifically Bitcoin which is whatthey’re considering but that’s not anofficial storyI like that Yahoo Finance remindseverybody reminds all the normies thatTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a well-knownBitcoin supporter Dorsey once said theInternet deserves the native currency Ihope it will be I hope it will beBitcoin I’m a huge fan and then theyremind everybodyDorsey’s other companies Square andsquare crypto also have been betting bigon Bitcoin squares cash app facilitated148 million in Bitcoin sales in q3 of2019 alone square crypto on the otherhand has been working to make Bitcoin adaily use currency with widespreadadoption square was recently also hiringa product manager to add new possiblefeatures to its cash app including autoinvesting and peer-to-peer Bitcoin andgifting which if cash app startsfacilitating Bitcoin gifting in an easyway that’d be pretty big anyways Iwanted to share this with you to showyou again mainstream media reporting onstuff like this and also I think ifTwitter did put in a tipping feature asstandard it would be Bitcoin consideringeverything we know about Jack Dorseyanyways that is it for me today myfriends my name is Erin at ulta coindaily I’ll see you tomorrow