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Video Transcription

okay now this is that tightlyconsolidating on this four-hour chartand we’re gonna show you on the one-hourchart as well look at this patternwithin bitcoin guys as we talked abouttwo days ago we had a four day window sothere’s only two days left of that fourday window we think there will be amassive move in that time but will it bewhat is expected find out in thisepisode Bitcoin absolutely hoveringright in the middle of our breakouttarget that we’ve had on here for abouttwo weeks literally right in the middlebut what does this spell forcryptocurrency in the movement guyswe’re in for some action-packed fun Ihope you guys brought your butter cuzit’s about to get really sticky in hereand here we are you can see from thisbeautiful perspective after having thisextremely beautiful bounce right hereguys is this the prophecy coming true orin fact is something much even differentgoing to happen guys we have to checkthis out Bitcoin absolutely in a creatkey key key key area look at this rightin the middle of such structure guysthat’s why I believe as I said two daysago we have a four-hour window to reallyour four-day window to really make amassive move because the market does notwant to stay where it’s at right nowgrab your milk put your kids away andlet’s jump into the good stuff episodeso excited gonna be stretchy you guystoday my girlfriend has been gone out ofstate for about a week and a half nowbut luckily I bought 250 packs ofgo-gurt from Costco I eat about 5 to 10of these per day all jokes aside andthis is a I need to stop eating so muchgo-gurt I’ve just been only eatinggo-gurt I feel actually pretty ill thethought of go-gurt makes me actuallywant to vomit girlfriend please comehome I’m tired of eating yogurtthis is not how not how a boy issupposed to live so guys in this videowe have so much exciting stuff to getinto today this is really I know we saythis are you might hear this term a lotbut it’s kind of like this the calmbefore the storm okay we just had amassive breakout out of this excitingpattern but now for the last three orfour days we have been almost completelystill literally just consolidating inthese very two key ranges and nothinghas happened just yet I’ll tell you whythat could be an amazing sign or a muchmore preposterous sign we have to getinto that in thevideo and even more importantly what arethe ultimate signal a huge thing for themarket Bitcoin is about to blast off wereally need to delve into this becausethis is just a very key moment I think alot of people are very tense right nowand I’m here to bring you the data bringyou the goods and show your mama whatyou’re made of so guys thanks so muchfor guys ding that bell follow Papa onTwitter oh and let’s get this milk so Iactually want to start off the videoswith this guy’s you see this is kind ofthe picture of the day this is like cointhe leading indicator for Bitcoingetting a small rejection here and justhovered okay barely going down but alsojust fighting to get above this key areaand this really summarizes what theentire market has been doing for thelast few days you guys now this isextremely interesting in my opinion hereon the 4-hour chart okay let me zoom outso I can show you exactly what we’replaying with here after this massivebreakout we found some support righthere on this chart right at this linethat’s what this line is okay that’swhere you found the support here andwe’ve bounced and now we’re above thiskey descending channel if I actuallyzoom out you guys can get the bigpictureokay let’s zoom on so you can see thisokay again this is actually one of themost key lines I don’t talk about thistoo much because we haven’t come closeto in a while that purple line that Italked about in my videos in this lineare my two most important lines in theworld you guys and as of right now we’redoing pretty darn good okay maybe we’redown here would be like oh clinch andour Clinton clinch in all of our holesbut this now we’re looking very goodcompared to that okay guys so keep thisin mind I don’t usually show this linetoo often because they usually zoom inon this chart but I want to show youthis so after getting that bounceabove this channel you know we’re stillin such a key area this is this is tenseright now it’s tense because we want tosee a move okay now one very likelypossibility that nobody wants to admitis that we come back down into thechannel but what if something even morebullish would happenguys let’s hope that we have the abilityto do this but I want to also inform youguys that have retest into here and thenbouncing back out againsame exact scenario we really have tosee if Bitcoin has the legs to do thatright now but this is what’s key rightnow we see this pattern forming here ondaily chart and if actually you can seeit on the daily chart if you go to the4-hour you can really see it there okayyou really see this chart here and ifyou go to the one-hour you get an evenmore expansive taste of this data okayyou can see for the most part thissymmetrical triangle has been traded invery much so and in fact guys I’m gonnago ahead and make this call in fact Ithink we’re gonna see a massive move outof this channel okay I think we’re stillgonna see a massive move out of thischannel within this time period let meshow you what this is this is literallyabout the next day or two so very veryvery soon this entire area I definitelythink that that is a very strongpossibility and again that’s using the4-hour chart and the one-hour to gathereven more data okay I don’t love usingsmall timeframes small timeframes arenot the most reliable in my opinionhowever this pattern is it is importantbut what I think is the most importantthing here is that bitcoin is justsitting on a level that it shouldn’tnecessarily be spending too much time onokay we just broke out of a key areafound resistance at a key area balancedat a key area it actually illustratedbetter on this chart broke out herebalanced at this massively key areamassively key area and then found somesupport right here this this is not wellthis really hasn’t found support it’sjust kind of consolidating so let meredo that broke out of this perfectpattern hit resistance right here verykey level right here okay came back downfound support here the biggest key levelof all of these confirmations so far andbounced back up and now we’re just hereyou guys okay and from everything in mybook this is not a key area now this wasa key area this was a key area breakingout this was a key area those were allkey areas where we’re at right now isnot and I do not think that this patternis gonna hold up much longer and in factI do think we’re gonna get someexcitement and some movement in the nexttwo days as I said two days ago okaythat’s what I did a four-day window Iwouldn’t want to do a one or two daywindow just because if I would’ve doneone or two day window by now nothingstill would have happened I didn’t thinkthere was really a move very close onthe horizon however now I just reallythink it’s only a matter of about evenI’m gonna even get a little crazy hereand say even within the next 24 hoursokay you gotta be gotta be realisticthis thing looks like it wants to movenow to clear scenarios to kind of boringmario’s or to expected is just down tohere and down up to here now guys thatmight look boring because of its I meanfirst of all this is exactly in themiddle so I move up to here would belike the exact same percent pretty muchis down to here but I want to illustratesomething to you if it comes down tohere and test this again to me I wouldabsolutely love that I would actuallylike that better than just going up likeanother few hundred dollar another sixhundred dollars to test this again thisis so important to me if this lineproves again to be substantial forsupport as you see it clearly was herenot even a candle the way down itclearly wikked and bounce right back upif Bitcoin does this okay this is what’sreally exciting if it bounces here downabout the 78th and then bounces back upguys that is absolute awesomeness guysthat is exactly what we want becausethen in my opinion I think we would getthe move to actually bounce and breakthis channel and go up to our nextchannel granted we have some clearresistances we’d have to break the 8800which is a very very strong one righthere if it did that I definitely thinkthat 92 to like let me zoom out here at92 to 97 or in the cars and guys thenthat’s only a few hundred dollars awayfrom ten thousand US dollars so keepthat in mind I really do hope that weget a break down to about 78 only a fewhundred more dollars and I hope it findssome support there and bounces quicklyor within a day or so okay game on mealso the 21 daily moving average curvingup here but now guys I want to actuallydraw your attention to this now this isvery this is very important right herethe 21 week moving average okay now whenI started the video I said well what isthe reason it might be exactly whereit’s at well I do want to point this outthis is by far the best indicator offull-on bullish momentum in my opinionfull-on bull mode okay this is the firstindicator that we’re actually enteringfull bull mode I think I just moved oneof my indicatorsokay so there’s 21 week moving averageis absolutely crucial guys I’m not evengonna get into why I’ve already said ina million times but when I breaks belowthat that’s one Bitcoin gets bearish andyou see it happennow it’s trying to get above itrealistically for the first time inmonths now okay and right now it’sfinding a lot of resistance right thereyou see the candle closed you see theweekly candle closed right there thatwas where I was facing tough resistanceagain which was the breakout target nowsee you see clearly resistance here guysso now this is where I think things geta little exciting okaythis this is it this is it this is kindof the the mashup of the entire video onthe weekly chart if Bitcoin gets thatpull back that I talked about okay weget that pull back to here let’s draw itin a weekly form say we get that pullback consolidate and this could be anentire week this could take a little bitso it might be boring for a few days butthen we get a bounce off of here guysthat to me that would shatter thistwenty one week right here because whenwe were at here we had to go up likeover a thousand dollars to even get tothis twenty one week now we’re literallyright there so even a small pull back asmall pull back and then being able toshatter and actually break it would justbe insanely bullish in my opinion Ithink the volume would go off the chartsbecause the volume was pretty good forthis first one but I think it would besomething similar to this there would besomething similar to this okay forexample maybe like this right here wouldbe similar to this and then look whathappens we get two massive candles goingout through the weeks I think this couldbe the beginning of massive candlesgoing up through the weeks if we canshatter this 21 week moving average soguys let me know what you think absolutedo or ride time absolutely bloodbath outhere absolutely nuts what do you guysthink will happen this is really reallyreally the quiet before the storm it’sabsolutely dead and everyone’s justwaiting what’s going to happen and Iwant to tell you guys a pullback to the78th in my opinion is the best casescenario for the next week to beinsanely bullish that’s what I’m hopingfor but guys we could also see the breakout upwards as well but I justpersonally think a little retracement inthe meantime and then a big break wouldbe the best-case scenario so guys thankyou so much for watching the videos I’llsee you in the next one Cowabunga dudesboom