Cryptocurrency, cannabis and eco-conscious investing: What’s ahead in 2020

Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends, and Nick Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, talk 2020 prospects for bitcoin, cannabis and ESG with CNBC’s Bob Pisani.

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Video Transcription

[Music]and welcome to ETF edge your go-to placefor everything exchange-traded funds onyour host Bob Pisani it’s a new yearETS keep growing but what will be hot in2020 Nikolas he’s the co-founder of dataTrek research Tom lightnin CEO of ETFfriends they join me now Tom fire upthat crystal ball viewers I want yourthoughts of what happens this year threetrends the long way to Bitcoin ETFcannabis ESG let’s start with Bitcoinany chancesany chances now how many years are wedoing this rerun this last two years anychances right Bob yeah well I’ll tellyou there are a couple good things thathave happened first of all the SECapproved the first 40 act approved ETFagain there are a lot of limitations butjust a couple weeks ago and today whatdoes that mean a 40 act I know it’s amutual fund act but what does thatexplain that that was what happening sowhat it is is basically a prove thatit’s filed as publicly traded so you canlike a regular mutual fund like theMagellan fund there’s a sister mutualfund out there where you can invest inBitcoinhowever it’s limited to only twenty fivemillion dollars at this point are wegonna get a real traditional ETF as weunderstand I think we well today the CMAis offering Bitcoin options for thefirst time just granted today which iswhich is fantastic SEC is concernedabout liquidity so they’re gonna bypassthat through options and futures andthen also safety the more we can get onpublicly trade I mean publicly accountstatements like your Schwab account likeyour TV account that’s gonna help thingsout handicap the chances of a BitcoinETF to sixty percent sixty Nick chancesturn 10 I’m with Nick they still haven’tfigured out they remember it’s notyou’re not dealing with the CFTC herethere’s not futures all right differentpeople SEC is terrified grandma is goingto buy Bitcoin ETF it’s going tocollapse in five years laters all thepeople running the SEC gonna get hauledin front of Congress and say are you theguys who approve grandma buying thebitcoin ETF it’s not the CFTC but ifit’s if it’s on registered brokeragestatements so much better they cuz theycan seewhat’s going on all right we’re gonnabetter cheeseburger I’m very good I’m inon that like crypto the cannabisindustry isn’t going away anytime sooncannabis ETFs of cannabis stocks halfoff where they were a year ago maybethey should be half off more states arelegalizing marijuana the Fed is allowingproper Bank ooh or maybe will we seemore assets into cannabis et it’s notgoing away we know that and as morestates as you say allow cannabis and inin their states great and also the Fedbanking is key and critical you’vewritten about this before yeah bottomline is if you think there’s a chance ofan Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanderspresidency you gotta buy that grouptoday because that’s the scenario wethink it’s a political plate Lords have100 percent protocol okayESG environmental social and governanceETS V breakout product of 2020 finallyattracted some real moneywell sustainable investing eventuallybecome the norm for global investorsrather than just a choice and there yousee what is involved in ESG you’vewritten about this as well Nick is thisfinally is this a real sustainableinvestment at this gate absolutely isthe the rip in assets last year was asmuch about bringing some products tomarket that were cheaper than the onesbefore so that really helped but I thinkeverything is gonna be ESG going forwardit’s such a big topic if you can buy thesp500 in the ESG form which you can forseven basis points today why wouldn’tyou do that especially with the ideathat you aren’t gonna give upperformance I like ESG it’s still a bitmurky the SEC has said that they put outa notice saying guys tell us a littlebit more what these categories are andhow you define what they are that’s aproblem but it’s a heck of a lot betterthan it was even for five years I’m infavor of it ethically of course I’m infavor it but I’m in favor becausethey’re going to start tighten up thecriteria and I think that’s a good thing[Music]youyou