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Video Transcription

he’s Bitcoin getting ready for anotherexplosive move what is going on everyonecrypto goes here and welcome back to thechannel in today’s video we are going toanalyze the current situation in thecrypto markets as well as go over therecent Bitcoin price section before westart the video please take two secondsto click that like buttonit definitely helps out the channel nowif you’re new here be sure to subscribeas we do frequent crypto currencyupdates those who watched the last videoknow that I was long on Bitcoin fromseven thousand seven hundred and eightytwo now we took profits on this tradeshout out to everyone from the ghostelite group is where I post my tradesnow let’s begin right here on the weeklytime frame we can see that we’ve had aweekly close and we got a green columnokay now the last green column we had onthe weekly time frame was at the end ofOctober now we are reversing from thebearish region into the bullish regionwe can see that the current column onthe weekly time frame is green as welland is heading into the bullish regionas well as the yellow wave and thestrength line on ghost vision 3 iscurving up but we do have this trendline that Bitcoin is struggling to getthe ball ok this weekly trendline wehave to see the Bitcoin price closed aweekly candle above this trendline andwe can see can definitely see acontinuation in the price into thebullish region we can see prices of 9000probably even higher but first we haveto break the weekly trendline okay untilwe don’t break the weekly trendline wecan still roll over okay despite thebullish signs that we see right here onthe chartnotice how the columns on the weeklytimeframe were going from the bullishregion into the burst region okay now itdoes look like we want to make thisswitch back into the bullish territoryokay now if we do get a switch and webreak the resistance we can definitelystart a new move into the upside nowlet’s go ahead and check the situationon the three day time frame we can see abetter visual right here on the threeday chart we see that the current candleis above the trend line and the colorfulcolumns are switching into the bullishregion as well we’ve had a trainchange conformation right here thestrength line on goes to vision threecurved up right here on this candlesignal does the bottom right here at6600 now by the way guys if you want toget access to ghost vision you can headover to our website ghost access comm isvery confined all of our packages now wehave ghost vision which is the indicatorthat you see right here on the chartghost vision one ghost vision two andghost vision three the ghost elitepackage is where we post profitabletrading setups for day trading and swingtrading and you get access to all of thesignals from our trading bots okay nowthe ghost vision and the ghost elitepackage includes everything it has theindicator and all of our own signals andthe signals from our bots now everypackage on this website includesa 7-day free trial ok you can cancelanytime can pay month-to-month using acredit card if you want to pay in cryptoyou can do so as well so make sure yougo ahead and check our website ghostaccess com now let’s go back into thecharts okay now the two day chart we seethe prices above the trend line okay wehad the local top right here at 8477okay on this chart right here oncoinbase the columns headed to the upside as well and we see some strengthright here in the iceberg okay it hasreached the 60 level which is somethingwe didn’t see for a long time ever sincewe had this Chinese pump right here theiceberg has reached the 70 level now thecolorful columns on ghost vision 2 areforming a kind of a hump right here okaynow if we zoom out here we candefinitely see the beginning of the yearwhen we were in a bullish trend thatwhen the colorful columns are startingto head in to the upside they can go upand down okay but overall they areincreasing right here and as theyincrease the price is increasing andright now we see that the columns areheaded into the bullish region and whenwe are in an uptrend in the market wecan see right here when we have thestrength line curving to the downsideokay we see a red dot now this strengthline when we are in an uptrendand we see the strength line curving tothe downside that is a buy the pullbacksituation okay so it all depends on thecurrent situation in the markets ifwe’ve switched into a bullish marketright here right now then this red dotcan act as a buy the pullback situationnow if we have a closer look right hereon the 12-hour chart we can see thestrength line looks like it’s ready tocurve back into the upside right herenow the columns our blue on the 12-hourchart and we do see the strength linedoes look like it’s wanna curve in tothe upside right herezooming in into the eight hour chart wedo see a green dot right here on thestrength line curving into the up sidecolumns are blue right now with theyellow a slightly in the bearish regionright here going into the four hour timeframe now I will pull up the one hourtime frame right here on the left sidethe four hour on the right now thecurrent situation on the four hour timeframe right here on the right side wesee a bunch of green dots right here onghost vision tree and that is telling usthat the market is getting ready for ahuge move very soon look at the one hourtime frame can see right here when wehad the trend change confirmation intothe bullish region price was at 7670we’ve pumped about 8% okay almost 8% sowe took a long right here on this movenow if we look at the four hour timeframe we can see the default our trendline was acting a support we werebouncing off of it okay and right herewe broke below it so this was a fake outto the downside and we’ve longed thisregion right here and we got in on thismove to the upside we went up to eightthousand two hundred and sixty twopulled back to the trendline try tobreak it again got rejected and we’vebeen moving sideways okay we can see theicebergs are very small right herenot much volume in the market green dotslining up on ghost vision three on theforward and the current column on thefour-hour time frame is green okayswitched from red into green can see afake out to the downside then I bounceor if we get rejected in this regionright here might roll over so whateverthe outcome will bewe’ll definitely trade it to the best ofmy abilities and I’ll be posting everymove I make in ghost elite now let’shave a quick look on ethereal aetheriumright now it’s trading at 143 the weeklytimeframe we see a blue column righthere okaythe strength line curving into theupside and we are quite far from theweekly trend line which is right now at169right now we are trading about 18percent away from the weekly trend lineof zooming in into the daily chartwe’ve had a bullish divergence righthere on the daily chart when the pricemade a lower low and the yellow waveconfirmed a bullish divergence righthere now we took a long swing long at1:28 everyone who is in goes to live getthis signal on the 25th of December sothe elite group is definitely kickingass right now the price trend line isred two dots right here and we’ve pulledback now let’s zoom in at the four hourtime frame you can see a similarsituation to what we’ve had with Bitcoinis that we went into this rally pulledback into the four-hour trendlinebounced off of itwhen we pulled back to test it assupport we had a fake out into thedownside right here at 1:35 and we’vebounced back okay to attempt to breakhigher right here we’ve had two attemptsto break the resistance right here at147 and right now the price is on thefour-hour trendline so we definitelywill see a move very soon in my personalopinion we will definitely see a move toeither direction very soon the strengthline looks like it does wanna curve into the upside and we’ve had the curve into the upside right here when price wasat 135 definitely an interestingsituation right now in the marketsbefore we wrap up today’s video let meguys know what you think do you think wewill get the bounce right here of thefour-hour trend line or we will fail tohold above it and roll back down are youa bull or a bear right now that was ourupdate for today thank you guys forwatching and see you in the next video[Applause]