Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 1/14/2020

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 1/14/2020. Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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Video Transcription

good morning everyone welcome to today’sBitcoin and cryptocurrency news Bitcoinis certainly off to a good start it ishovering around 85 80 and looks to climbeven more looking at a four hour chartBDC broke out of a wedge and now itlooks to climb to its next majorresistent it faces around ninety threeninety four hundred that is that orangeline that you guys see that majorresistant if broken will show that BDCis well on its way to twelve or fourteenthousand by the halving of that it’scertainly exciting times right nowyesterday cme launched bitcoin optionsand had over two million dollars intrading in its trading debut nothing toogroundbreaking but it did beat backsfirst day of futures trading and thatwas a lot more hyped so this is actuallypretty impressive for opening day forCME Group I’m still firm believer thatoptions and futures both will contributein a big way with BD sees rally in 2020and it’s bear Bach rise in 2021 so sofar it’s looking goodand speaking of back it recorded ahundred and sixty-one million andmonthly volume last month which showsinstitutional investors interest israpidly growing in fact just on December18th 2224 contracts worth close to 19million were traded setting an all-timerecord so right now is certainly warbetween CME Group and backed in terms ofderivative products that both areoffering but one thing is for sureinstitutional investors are not givingup on interest in fact interest has onlybegun is XRP a commodity or securitythat is the ten billion dollar questionCFTC Chairman Heath Tauber was askedabout the status of XRP andwas his response it’s unclear stay tunedI’d say part of the issue is that ourjurisdiction we share with sec if it’ssecurity it falls under theirjurisdiction if it’s a commodity itfalls under ours so to me it sounds likethere’s some red tape that both the CFTCand SEC has to work through Ripplecurrently is in a class-action lawsuitwhere investors are claiming XRP weresold as securities in a legal token saleso if the CFTC and SEC officiallydeclared that XRP is security this couldreally damage Ripple tremendously rightnow we’ll just have to wait and seeCraig Wright AKA faked oh she hasFebruary 3rd – access to 1.1 millionbitcoins he claims to have possession ofthis comes down to the tulip trust andthe bonded carrier that was supposed tohave come on January 1st but didn’t USDistrict Judge Beth Blum says right nowhas until February 3rd to inform thecourts if he has possession of theBitcoin and to also inform the court ifthe bounded carrier came BSP is pumpingtoday there’s no doubt it’s being pumpedon purpose to cover up the bad newsCraig Wright is facing in courtwhat happens after February 3rd I guesswe’ll just have to wait and see it wasreported a few days ago cost a coinbased alternative exchange shut downservices and pulled exit scam thanks tothis investigator we now know a littlemore about roon Evanson the founder ofcosts roon is the founder of site talkúnico and any grow they were all MLM akapyramid scheme sites hopefully he getswhat he deserves but right now it lookslike cost was just another scheme forhim to make a quick buck Bitcoin isstill on ur eyes since I went throughthe articles it has climbed up anotherhundred points right around8650 right nowso things are definitely looking prettygood but like I said the next majorresistance the point that we want to seePDC get to and break past will be aroundninety three hundred ninety four hundredand then 10k is probably right aroundthe corner and this all lines up whatI’ve been predicting for a while now andthat is leading up to the having eventwe’ll go see some growth possibly get upto twelve to fourteen thousand by Mayand from there get up to twenty thousandby the end of the year those areconservative figures and they can comemuch sooner than anyone anticipatesalright guys thanks for watching makesure you hit the like subscribe to thechannel and stay tuned for my futurevideos and hopefully I’ll see you guysin my next live session as well takecare guys bye bye


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