Bitcoin 400% In January 2020?! | BITCOIN NEWS 2020

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Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and RIpple (XRP) Analysis. Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Cryptocurrency News.


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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back to the videoif you’re not familiar with my channelguys I post cryptocurrency and investingvideos at least two to four videos everysingle day hit that like button hit thatsubscribe button the topic of today’svideo guys as you see forbes.comarticle posted five minutes to goliterally Bitcoin surges more than 4% inunder 24 hours guys Bitcoin priceenjoyed a notable bounce todayapproaching $8,500 as they followedtheir recent bullish trend guys thecryptocurrency it rolled intraday highof 84 76 79 at 8:45 if we look at thisone guys bit mix funding rate shoots upwith positive Bitcoin BTC retest above8400 let’s look at the Quinn market capguys Bitcoin right here 8400 literallyunbelievable it broke through it againprofit taking higher low allconsolidation and their band we’re backup 8500 the whole cryptocurrency monkeycamp looks goodalso I’m definitely over 200 I am inBitcoin SV I was a skeptic for a littlebit but I bought at 200 so yo let’s letit ride guys not trying as wellbasically bit Bitcoin is going crazyguys oh and the third article as you seeliterally posted like a minute or twoago I want to say I posted two minutesago our options on Bitcoin future justlaunched here’s what you need to knowguys if you’re like why is he so excitedbecause I’ve never been more pumped guysabout cryptocurrency yeah before I wenta crazy bull run yeah it was higher thanit is now but this is a show there is aload there is a floor there is supportbitcoin is not worthless there is a lowit’s literally here at stake it’s beengood the last decade best investmentever and I’m just pretty much hype guyswe have Forbes coin gate and we havethis one right here CNBC guys alllegitimate are all legitimate companieseveryone doing good research andreporting about bitcoins breakout thebreakout is crazy guys they’re finallyhere exchange-traded Bitcoin optionslaunched Monday on the Chicago merchantsexchange guys you could trade futuresand options on the future of Bitcoinwhich is new it’s never been done beforeanother reason mass adoptions brings awhole new lot of money old money goodold time investors people have millionsand billions of dollars they canliterally trade Bitcoin also guys when Icame out looking great breakout as we’rewatching live I can guys alter thesearticles CNBCthe buyer of 9000 strike call optionexpires April would have to pay about1075 which is not a lot meaning couldthey they could have ten thousandseventy five profit eight thousands ofprofit guys again this is crazy thisnews just came out maybe five minutesago not even and then also guys bit maxfunding routes this is what really madeit go crazy bears running for coverobviously they’re covering because nowyou could buy options into the future ofBitcoin the bullish calls are furtherstraightened on one chain analyst saysWillie woo a reporting positive growthas well guys just everything in terms ofcrypto the mass globalization the massare people right the marketing the proofof stake it’s totally showed that nomatter what it’s not just a concept it’snot just hypothetical so this lastdecade has been crazy guys bestinvestment of the decade so if you’renot already and what the hell are youdoing right a Bitcoin surgesfour percents of five percent now againholding 8400 guys and that’s why I gotin Bitcoin SV and first I was skepticalthat much about it on and said I wannatake a risk but after this anothertwenty five percent two hundred I saidyou know what Yolo guys and even if itgoes down to 150 I’m gonna buy some morecuz I don’t give a you’re I’msaying I’m in this long-term the nextdecade if you’re not investing inBitcoin and cryptocurrency this decadeyou already missed it last I can’t whatwere you doing what worst case you losewhat like a grand 10 grand you can makea hundred thousand or a million guys butI can guys check out my channel hit thatlike hit that subscribe I post dailyvideos at least two or four videos a dayI try to post two videos ofcryptocurrency every single day and I’mtrying to integrate more our livetrading penny stocks blue chip stocksoptions trading guys I’m posting onevideo right now it’s rendering againguys two videos every single day atleast minimum cryptocurrency and daytrading stocks again guys if you likethat I appreciate all the likes thesupports the views peaceyou