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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome everyone to HSN today is thefirst day December 2019 to give you allthe news according to the charts for XRPspend what may be two or three dayssince we do have video NX RP so we feltlike we need to update you all and seehow the market has traded versus ourforecast and then we’re gonna update youall on our expectations going forward inthe market for x RP thank you forwatching our video on today if youappreciate the content hit thatsubscribe button like and share thevideo follow us on Twitter Facebook ourwebsite all of those links are in thedescription of this video just to saveyou some time now let’s talk about thisforecast in the market for x RP I knowyou all may have found out an article orso that X RP has released 1 billion x RPtokens from x grow so now what does thatmean does that mean that the price of xRP is gonna plummetdoes it mean that x RP is going to shootto the moonor when nothing happenedlooking at the price chart right now inthe market for x RPyou can tell that our expectations in tothe mark that x RP was clearly to seethe market move higher and it did thatthe following day on the 29th ofNovember we came and barely nudged upthere towards our ultimate price targetlocation which was about 23 and a halfcents we knew that 23 cents could beresistance as well we talked about thatin our last video so about half apercent or if you were able to catch themarket in x RPat the high ofthe 29th of November straining day righthere I say what you got about two and aquarter percent profit into the marketokaynow honestly I don’t think that themarket in xrp is gonna be moving thathigh anytime soon due to the amount ofweakness that has been coming in of lateokay so hopefully you able to capitalizeon that small movement to the upsidethat occurred on the 29th of Novemberbecause now we need to get rid of it andtalk about what the expectations aregoing to be in XRP going forward we’regonna start off by looking at the pricechart on a weekly basis and you can tellhere that the market in XRP is trying tohold right there around 22 cents forsupport the volume is about the samethat we received last week which is alsotelling me that the buyers are coming inthe market in XRP at 22 cents rightmonthly price chart in XRP we did in thelast month on a weak note right therefor the month of November we closed alot lower or we traded a lot lower thanthe month of September definitely a lotlower than the month of October and wedefinitely closed last month a lot lowerthan the ultimate low from October – allthose things are indicating to themarket that XRP is still weak we’re justholding on to that very shallow area ofsupport of 22 cents even 20 cents nowlast month was a pretty wide spread Iwould love to have seen the market inXRP closed off the lows a little bithigher then I will feel a little bitbetter on the market in XRP continuingto show us strength but that did nothappentaking it back over to the dailytimeframe in XRP you all can see righthere that the market still looks alittle bit tired on the daily timeframewe’re not seeing any strength coming tothe market the 4-hour chart again we’restill getting so many cases of weaknesscoming into the market index our peakreal quick on the draw this line for youthat the market right here it’s tryingto hold this area for support which wetalked about on the monthly timeframe of22 cents okay that’s why we’ve beenbouncing off of that area becauseeveryone knows that the market is tryingto hold that location and a buy zone butlooking at the 4-hour chart I don’t seethat lasting too long looking at XRP ona three-hour chart again I’m stillseeing any cases of weakness coming tothe market in XRP we’re not seeing anyindication that the buyers are trying tocontrol the market not right now okaybut again I want to re-emphasize thefact that 22 cents is a area of supportthat the market is trying to hold to ourchart still seeing some many cases ofweakness in the market for XRP so whatwe’re going to do I’m going to play themarket in XRP on the four-hour chartwith the expectation of some movement tothe downside and again we would TP themarket right there at 22 cents because Ican definitely see the strength tryingto come to the market there once we getsabout one point one nine percent ifwants me TP the market at thatparticular location in XRP okay veryshallow area resistance right therearound 22 and a half cents I want tobring it up just a tad and expectationinto the market in XRP is going tocontinue to see this market trademost likely in a consolidation arrangebut the movement to the downside in thatrange is definitely in control okay sohere we are looking at the new forecastin the market for xrp look for to movelower TP right there at 22 cents in themarket for this particularcryptocurrency okay questions commentslet us know with the comments and itcomes six in this video and as alwaysmake sure you always maintain yourprofitability and I will see you on thenext one okay