Vitalik stands by Ethereum dev arrested for advising North Korea on cryptocurrency

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Vitalik stands by Ethereum dev arrested for advising North Korea on cryptocurrency

Ethereum ETH co-founder Vitalik Buterin has publicly pledged to sign a petition supporting the release of fellow dev Virgil Griffith after he was arrested for traveling to North Korea to speak at a cryptocurrency conference.

Griffith, who joined Ethereum as a research scientist in 2016, was previously described by the New York Times as “a hacker working to make the internet a better and more interesting place.” He is now facing a maximum of 20 years behind bars.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, the American programmer – known for being the creator of WikiScanner – is accused of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. He was arrested at Los Angeles airport on November 28.

“Griffith knew it was illegal to travel to the DPRK and so sought permission from the US Department of State […] Although Griffith’s request was denied by the State Department, Griffith attended the DPRK Cryptocurrency Conference nonetheless,” a criminal complaint unsealed last week reads.

Despite failing to obtain a visa using the off

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vitalic stands by etherium dev arrestedfor advising North Korea oncryptocurrency aetherium ETH co-foundervitalic butyrin has publicly pledged tosign a petition supporting the releaseof fellow dev Virgil Griffith after hewas arrested for travelling to NorthKorea to speak at a cryptocurrencyconference Griffith who joined aetheriumas a research scientist in 2016 waspreviously described by the New YorkTimes as a hacker working to make theinternet a better and more interestingplace he is now facing a maximum of 20years behind bars hailing fromBirmingham Alabama the Americanprogrammer known for being the creatorof wiki scanner is accused of violatingthe international emergency economicPowers Act he was arrested at LosAngeles Airport on November 28 Griffithknew it was illegal to travel to theDPRK and so sought permission from theUS Department of State althoughGriffiths request was denied by theState Department Griffith attended theDPRK cryptocurrency conferencenonetheless a criminal complaintunsealed last week reads despite failingto obtain a visa using the officialchannels Griffith traveled to NorthKorea in Aprilusing a visa he had obtained from adiplomatic mission in New York City hestopped over in China to circumvent anAmerican travel ban once in the countryGriffith spoke at the Pyongyangblockchain and cryptocurrency conferenceexplaining how cryptocurrency andblockchain technology including a smartcontract could be leveraged to launderfunds federal investigators said asalleged Virgen Griffith provided highlytechnical information to North Koreaknowing that this information could beused to help North Korea launder moneyand evade sanctions in allegedly doingso Griffith jeopardized the sanctionsthat both Congress and the presidenthave enacted to place maximum pressureon North Korea’s dangerous regime saidUS attorney Jeffrey s Berman in a pressrelease published last week the releasealleges that Griffith who resides inSingapore started to make plans tofacilitate the exchange ofcryptocurrency between the DPRK andSouth Korea despite knowing that doingso would violate international sanctionsfor more on this story visit the newsto link