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Discover the latest technical analysis for Bitcoin price prediction and news of today, critical situation as bulls need to stand up otherwise the entire rally structure we had, will be useless. Let’s find out more in the video

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Video Transcription

[Music]what is up people welcome to my videothere’s a scramble from emotional scripton trading today I’m gonna talk aboutBTC and share with you the mostimportant details of the markets such asprice predictions price analysis datathat matters and anything you canmonetize right so it’s going to be avideo which includes both educationaland possibility to monetize the contentI’m providing in trading guys we’retrying to survive above a thousand fivehundred but the pressure is gaining andthe Bulls do not seem to react anythingduring the past days so if they do notstand up right now it’s gonna be bigtrouble because the retracement processis going to continue down break below8,000 and we’re gonna enter in a longterm bearish environment that’s notgoing to be great after this hugeincrease we just had which could resultin nothing if the market is going tocontinue the process of retracing andthen falling into a dramatic sort of abearish environment you know what I’mtalking about which is full of fear fullof negative sentiments and full of solow for a anxiety all around the cornerwe don’t need to father therefore weneed the Bulls to stand out right nowand save the market if they want a 2020or at least if they want this first partof the year first three months to stayabove 10 grand if they want that thenobviously we need to stay above $8,000in November and December we can’t fallbelow $1,000 tack is the limit which isgoing to eliminate the Rallye we justhad basically we’re falling very closeto thestarting point of the raleigh now let mejust measure from the starting pointtill 8000 do you know it’s just 7% andwe’ve actually increased about 35% onBTC so that’s crazy guys it’s about 30%which can be deleted by the bears and avery very sustainable movement they hadtill now 21 days in a downtrendingchannel very very aggressively it wouldpower for established resistance linepal for establish support line on thebottom side at 9500 heavy resistancethey successfully break below 0.61fibonacci right there here this is theplace they broke below and thenconfirming it as a resistance so clearlyrefusing the market she get back intothe uptrend and considered a movement wehave before that as a bull flag like alot of the people thought this is thebull flag right but then the market havedecreased in break below the line of 0.6t18 supported on a 0.5 fibonacci goingback to 61 8 and confirming on theresistance plus and did confirmed on thetrending line of resistance which was avery very powerful bearish confirmationfrom here the signal was clear to shortthe market aggressively on 25 x $200,000ready to be managed a very niceprofitable business what we hadafterwards is a bearish movement acrosscouple of days across 4 days till thepoint we have touched a support line ofthe downtrend and we have measured acomeback which seems to me a bear sailorrepresenting here a shadowthe candles that you can see that rightthere there is a shadow which representsrejection of the movement which wascontrolled by the Bears so the Bullswere like till here nobody goes beyondthis end from there were actually in acritical situation right now that’s whatI’m talking about guys we’re a criticalsituation Bulls needs to be wake up andreverse otherwise the previous role itbecomes useless that’s something I wastalking about on the early part of thisvideo so we need to react as fast aspossible otherwise things are gonna getvanished away great the RSXindicator which is something I’m talkingin my previous videos as well is alsoforming here a very nice supportbasically in the previous movementsexactly on the support line and now itis trying to break the middle line of 50stay above that and probably attack theresistance line of this specifictriangle of the RSX indicator and breakout of it we’re gonna go bullish once weare able to break out of the green linewe see here on the RSXwhich is going to be a similar movementof breaking out of the resistance linefor the downtrending channel right sothat is gonna be hand by hand guys veryimportant so that is the situation forthe two-hour candle so this is where weare critical zone and I’m assuming thereis gonna be an explosion from here takea look at it take a look at itcandlesticks and it’s just I’m seeingright now spontaneously take a look atthis candlesticks here on the left sidetake a look at those how are theylooking like and that you want to seethe red candlestick right there next tothem on the left side is it familiar toyou here sort of a way very very similarsideways candlestick with nothingspecial and extremely low volume righttake a look at that plus on the leftside we have a wing of the bears thereyou go it’s just smaller than what wehad here on the left side right justsmaller than what we have here but wewouldn’t mind if we would have anincrease right now hallfpercent than what we had just a coupleof what was that weeks ago like twoweeks ago we had that Raleighit was um 25th of October right so wehad 36% confirm if we go half of thatyou know that’s 18 percent if we go 18percent from here it’s gonna be $10,000if we tend to repeat the same patterngreat beautiful so let’s just go aheadto the one-day candlestick where I’mtalking about something specific I’mgonna also share a screen on my Twitterprofile which you can retweet towards topeople and express the followingsentiment of the market which weretrying to bring into question for thecryptocurrency community this was thebull period of 2017 2018you remember BTC up to $20,000 we’relooking for one day Candlestick we had alot of these sentiments going on such asthe take off media attention fo moreenthusiasm greed anxiety denial dangerfuria euphoria panic depression rightall this things that happenedrealistically in front of our eyes thisis basically a pattern which is used torepeat over and over again because itstands up and it backs up the nature ofthe human being that do not changeswhatsoever right so we’re the same humanbeings with the same characteristics ofof nature and this sort of away feelingsemotions and irrationalthoughts are always going to appearwhenever the market follows those cyclesso basically every single step isgenerated by the previous stepultimately because it’s based on thehuman nature which does that no matterwhat right so it’s you know in a logicalway and my question is related to thisbargain let me just put this this way myquestion is related to that part is thisa big bear trap just like we had somevery traps here is this a big bear trapor not yet that is my main question orbasically this is the second big topwhich is kind of following this way wecould consider this as a second big topwith the market going basically likethis and then forming here a soup orlike that something like that we have alot of the choices that we could puttogether here and then the big explosionhere which drives the market to a newall-time high position more than twentythousand dollars this is a possibilityguys this is a scenario if this is not abear trap if it’s a bear trap it’s greatbecause we’re gonna take off just likewe did right here which is the next stepafter the bear traps right a lot fasterwhich could be probably at the end ofthe year early 2020 instead of delayingthe breakout till July November Octobersomething around that so this definitelyneeds to be sort of a way like the firststeps of the previous patternwith the bear traps they’re appearing wecan see those we have some increases butthen the bear traps are appearing peoplethink that we’re going bearish we’re notit’s just a trap we’re actually goingupwards right but then everything startsblowing out with the take off which inour case needs to breakout out of thisline guys that is the top that is thetop once we break out of that we’re intothe take off phase that you can seeright here and then from the take offphasethere is no bear trap there’s nothingthat could drive our attention away from[Music]8,000 to 20 in this case scenario whichis beautiful it’s beautiful if you haveten Bitcoin from 80,000 you’re going to200,000 not that you can make $120,000just by sitting on your money for aboutthree months not bad at all but we haveto make sure that this is a bear trapright now that we see him and it’s notgonna continue down and just like thatright and trying to get back afterwardssomewhere in the second part of 2020inevitable 2020 need to represent marketmovements above 10 grand for the longestperiod of time or sort of a way for alonger period of time better said notfor the longest for a longer period oftime right so 2020 is no longer gonna bethe year of a joke if you want to becomea professional trader and trade thismarket which is about to come thisbullish market you definitely need tolearn and then earn it’s normal processof human being again were relating tothat psychology mindset and mentalitywhich is you know sort of a waysome spots which are building up theeducation and that means you need tolearn the skills of the trader in orderto do that I have a program which isscramble coaching calm that is teachingon private directly with me how tobecome a professional trader and tradelike the trader which is on profit since2014 mark I am trading professionalliving from this and having my ownlifestyle that do not connect me to anyboss do not connect me to anyintellectual Authority which is tellingme how to think and organize my life I’mlike a bird flying in differentcountries living the life and doingnothing else basically other than justwhatever I want this is as an examplenot to brag or put in practice or put inspotlight how high I am because that isno longer the case and it’s it never wasthe case it’s just a matter of what kindof lifestyle you can achieve by tradingif you want such a thing if you needfreedom if you want to be your own bosson the side then you need to become atrader and I’m trying to help all thepeople here make sure you watch thevideo scroll down the way we’re goingthrough dozens of students they havemade more than 3.5 million dollarsduring the training business they haveand you know it’s just great we can havea free conversation or scribe directlywith me on 15 minutes if you have morequestions as well you can join mytelegram guys for those who are lookingto get notifications whenever I’mposting on YouTube join my telegramlinks can be found in the descriptionarea for my coaching and telling themmake sure you subscribe to my channelguys I would definitely appreciate andhate the bell bots in afterwards next tothe subscribe button you have the bellbut make sure you hate that because thatway YouTube is going to send younotifications whenever Apple’s thinkthank you so much guys for watching Iwill be at a full weekend and won’t talkto you soon