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Video Transcription

today the big price just dumpedbelow the 200-day moving average todaywe will discuss with da Vinci j15 whythe crucial level of 8460 1 US dollar isimportant for the Bitcoin price why wehave to not only hold it but alsoquickly bounce from it if we reach thatspecific level we will talk about exactprice targets to the downside and alsoto the upside after the bounce so makesure you take a seat make sure you smashup the like button right now and thatbeing said welcome crypto friends andwelcome back to our main crypto my nameis Chris and as always we want to cometo the most important question of todayda Vinci j15 how I doing today my manI’m doing great this morning I’ve beenwaking up 5 a.m. every morning this weekto work out I want to be strong and fitlike Arnold Schwarzenegger over here Idon’t know if you already made thatbecause like your skin is is bright likeAF man it’s crazy you’re waking up inthe morning you are doing videos everyday also over on your channel link givendown in the description or below bigshout out to you men keep continualhustling men it’s just crazy to see thatthe energy you are giving here to thevideo is just like five times then oneor two months before that being saidlet’s go into the Bitcoin price becausecrazy crazy stuff is happening right nowthe price actually dumped below the200-day moving average the second timeand that’s bearish i F actually sothere’s still a little bit of a light inthe horizon and we want to talk aboutthat and may you let us know da Vinciwhat specific leather can say to save usfrom the apocalypse and yeah what isgoing to happen with a bit calm price inthe immediate return well that firstright and if we come in here I thinkthat’s danger zone this is called thepoint of control if the market comesdown into the point of control oh my godthis is disaster I mean you could putyour face palm still your face and go ohmy godbasically there’s an 80% chance we’regonna have to retest down here and theyeyes yeah and now it 7600 oh that soundsso horrible but I mean eventually whenI’m looking at that chart right now andand seeing the V PVR yesterday was stilla little bit asking myself yeah why areyou bringing that up but in this case wecan see this actually healthysignificance as the Bitcoin price wasgoing below 9,000 we can see that atthat exact gap also big con literallyjumped and dumped down to the next yeahVP via our support right there I don’tknow like approximately eight thousandseven hundred eight sub thousand sixhundred fifty dollars and bounced fromitprobably from people who bought in atthat specific price levels so yeah whatdo you think what is happening with abit comprised you mentioned previouslyand to the video year that the sixty onepoint eight the 8000 461 US dollars area very important level yes it isI think Bitcoin has to respect thislevel earnestly cannot get into thepoint of control on the VP bi or thevolume profile and these got a bounce itcan close right down here we can closeright around here that’s finewe just can’t we can’t break this is 161.8 level we have to hold it that’sgotta be the line in the sand for thefor the traders and hopefully the buyerswould come in and pick this up on adiscount I don’t mind if we spend theweekend here filling this hole here thishole notch that would be preferable wefill this notch we come in we bounceback and forth a little bit on theweekend and then break above the 13 EMAagain before we go go into Monday if wego into Mondaywithout breaking above the 13 ma oh manthat’s not good it’s not the end of theworld but it’s not good right thetraders are going to be looking forshorts all the way through if we’re ifwe open up below 13 MA on Mondayokay well that’s Sunday and a UTC timeat midnight UTC time so what you’resaying right now is that I mean we havethree days left to reach 9700 again andwhat you are saying it makes sensebecause especially the the 13 EMA itheld significance as resistance andsupport previously in the history ofprice action so you say we have threedays left and even though we are goingdown to 8,000 461 you would like to seea massive bounce and let’s say you arein no position right nowwould you open a short position whencewe go below or what you open a longposition once we have a confirmed bouncefrom this level what is your game planactually right now well I do have aposition when in the open enough I’mgonna have to bring up my by bit accountI mean not to count but at least the thetrade from by bit hang on let me juststick this here and this is my Bidenshirt that I was looking at I wasinterested at but I didn’t get into onthat so so don’t look at that I was justI was just contemplating this short andit looks like it would have been a niceshort so I’m looking to get in I thinkI’m on my hearty event 661 686 41 iswhere I’m going to get it I want to getit before the others just one pointeight which is worried about here let mejust put a break Dave insha Allah thatis the exact price level you mentionedyesterday as you said that youI plan to set some limit by orders blindby orders actually in case the Bitcoinprice breaks to the downside everyonewants to see that it was in the videoyesterday and is that that exact pricelevel you mentioned yesterday rightexactly that’s the price level Imentioned yesterday and the reason whyis because this is a little bit oftraffic area got the sixty one pointeight to hold us and also the for ourtwo hundred period moving average shouldbe coming up to that point as well andprove as a little bit of resistance forthis move there’s a three percent lot Icould suffer a three percent loss onthis I plan to take this probably intothe gap and hold it to the gap I thinkwe’ve hit the bottom here we just weneeded to punish these people that theseLong’s here that try to get in and hopefor for the for the take off because Imean I think all these these what’s theycalled perpetual swaps those derivativesbasically derivative markets are tradingagainst us this market should have onehigher and it didn’t yeah so I wouldn’tbe surprised actually you know what Imight take profits here you know what Ihonestly that that’d be just up now thatI think about it all the way up herejust it’s possible it’s just that thisis better because I think we’re gonnaclose the market out somewhere betweenten thousand the year out sorry we’regonna close the hero somewhere betweenten thousand and nine thousand a leveland before we receive the eleventhousand yeah futures gap so I’mprobably gonna close this out somewherein this area here I’m gonna wait let themarket this isn’t tell me what to do ifI am in this trade nice I’m still inthis trade was a goodand I don’t get stopped out if I don’tget stopped out if I do get stopped outI’m looking to get back in them that iseighty eight point six yeah fortunatelythat mean disasterous right now thatwould be like it would be horrible rightnow you still have your blind by orderwithout that trading plan you mentionedthat yesterday at eight thousand sixhundred fifty ish us call us I wish yougood luck to get that felt because Imean the risk return ratio of that looksactually pretty nice and I’m sure or toum I mean that was brave actually memyself yesterday I thought why are youopening that buy orders right there butit made a lot of sense I thoughtactually with that massive move withsupported with a lot of volume and the200-day moving average being surpassedand also held above the price wasactually pretty bullish just as you saidit was actually meant to go up but somepowers actually some actual exogenouspowers pulled the price down so shortout for you and yeah you are planning toclose the position at nine thousandthree hundred sixty five US dollarsbecause you do not want to get greedyright exactly all this positionI really don’t think that with this dumpthere’s gonna be a lot of technicaldamage and we’d have to see what happensif we mount back higher right away forMonday maybe I’ll give it till Tuesdayor but if we don’t on my close upposition I had a I had a smaller muchsmaller win so it all depends on whathappens over the next little while youknow what the market is shaking crazilylike so many people are shaken out Icould imagine that you’re long actuallyworks out and also you have the sixtyone point eight you have the two hundredperiod moving average and you have a lotof things on your site so da Vinci Iwish you the best of luck for that longtrade I will makebit of analysis myself with the team andwe will decide whether we enter it ornot but first of all Mia congrats to youthanks for the face mode and everyonewho is interested in that we will sharethe specific trading plan in ourtelegram group the telegram loop if youask yourself how much it is it is zerodollars in one year it will be zerodollars in five years it will be zerodollars it really always for free foreach and every one so go to the link inthe description click it da Vinci isthere it is all our common mm cryptogroup with more than 11,000 people verylofty we share the link there and youcan check out that trading plan yourselfand make your own educated decisions ifyou want to trade it on a leveragedexchange if you know what it is if youknow how to use it we have acollaboration on going on with buy bitand you can actually get $60 for free bydepositing 0.2 Bitcoin and if you aresubscribed here only with our link wehave a few surprises coming up for youguys in the very immediate short-term somake sure to check it out it is for freenothing changes only you get the bonusso and here you type in your emailaddress and your password base if youwere just 20 seconds back to you daVinci the lovely da Vinci face so yourgame plan is right now to enter thebitcoin long position at 8650 and closeit at eight thousand and nine thousandthree hundred sixty so you mentioned oneimportant thing and you said the youthink and the year will not be closedway above ten thousand like not even ateleven thousand which is kind of bearishbut there like looking at JanuaryFebruary man we have like a two hundredpercentage increase at least then noweven more so this is pretty bullish guysso there moon boys are alive do not lookat the very short term do not look atthe hourly Candace at the 4-hour Candaceif you want to judge Bulls obey usbitcoin is a bullish assets still it isstill in the growth phase so that isactually a very good thing is thereanything else you want to mention daVincino I think that yeah I only think that Ithat we should be for next year weshould be doing some some amazing thingsI think Bitcoin will probably pump intothe the happening but let’s seehopefully if it breaks the all-time highthen yeah we’re gonna be seeing someserious fireworks well yeah after thehappening and we’ll dump a little bitbut won’t last very long that would beyour your only opportunity to get ontothis rocket ship a low price I wouldlove to just like go asleep and wake upin May or like in in June or so like itwill be amazing so everyone out therelet us know what you think about thatwhat do you think yeah will the bitContras be in the end of this year thatwhen she mentioned like ten eleventhousand there is a poll popping up ontop of the screen right now make sureyou click it and you take part and leaveyour thoughts in the comment sectiondown below and of course guys liking isfor free like this video and it gives usa huge amount of pleasure that being setup in sheep thank you so much forjoining us everyone interested inPandora’s wallet there is a link in thedescription down below and in the pincomment make sure you click it it’s 30days for free you can get an extendedand again can you basically use the mostbeautiful product in the worldcompletely for free I mean like at leastfor 30 days that’s the best thing youcan actually I do right now so go therethanks da Vinci any last words before wewrap it up yeahthankful position and strength just likeI am doing and don’t get rekt do not getright guys thank you so much forwatching and we will see each other veryvery soon at the next one of mm cryptomost properly tomorrow and as alwaysguys as alwaysbye-bye don’t death


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    What’s funny is that most people won’t even know there is an official recession until near the end of it, when the media finally tells them and keeps telling them. So it will most likely take at least a year before the mainstream media tells Americans that there is a recession and fuels boomers to panic sell and really tank the stock market. Then the wealthy will buy everything up for cheap. Except bitcoin, which won’t be cheap., My only advice for investors and newbees is to take advantage of Mr Lovatt’s program, he made a great impact to so many young crypto investors since last year, some said he has the best strategy to trade Bitcoin,I was tired of Gdax and Binance small profits I was getting, so I reached out to him and he gave me the best tips to excel in the world of Crypto. Now I don’t just Hodl, I make more gains, after 2months I can Boost of increasing my Portfolio from 1.3BTC to 9.7BTC all Thanks to Lovatt Norton daily signals you all reach him on Whatspp: + 19497672504 and Telgram @ Lnorton08  I believe this will be more useful to those that want to increase their portfolio good luck.

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    I guess it’s just the last shake down to confuse everyone, before we go FULL BULL next year. Not that it doesn’t annoy me, haha. Just gotta be patient, while I accumulate BTC, and Blocknet for the glorious bull run next year 😀

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    Working out lol

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    Bull run 2021, Now endure and forget 😃

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    The Bitcoin price must nothing. Btw silver nad gold prices are being slaughtered too

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    DaVinci don’t get sucked into moon boy garbage keep your level head bro! lol

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    Thanks for the heads up like always guys 😎

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    It’s a selling frenzie !!!!!!!!!

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    Guys you have a big problem….2 days ago ur videos was to the moon…and now bear market…common….stop those useless videos….

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    Damn bro you got a crush on DaVinci or something? 🤣

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    Bitcoin is becoming more and more boring every day it makes another lower high or sideways

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    How can somebody predict so often wrong like you 😀 It goes always in the other direction

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    so whats the price level?

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    Still in a short from $9950!! manipulation

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    Remember this is bitcoin and in may you what is Comeing. It could turnaround like a bazooka tank and shoot up! Every1 should calm down . my cat seems to think by February everything will be good. Hhhmmmm? Meow

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    🧡💛💚💙 November is usually the best month for Bitcoin. Statistically 7 out of 9 novembers were UP. And the two Novembers before the Halvening (2011 and 2015) were both up 15% and +58% 🧡💛💚💙