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The #Bitcoin Institutional Interest Rising. #BAKKT Performance is the Proof

Bitcoin Institutional Interest Rising. BAKKT’s Performance is the Proof

Are #whales controlling the price of Bitcoin? New report weighs in

Square’s #BTC Sales Volume Has Increased Sixfold Since Q1 2018

Square’s Bitcoin Sales Volume Has Increased Sixfold Since Q1 2018

A Lone Bitcoin Whale Likely Fueled 2017 Surge, Study Finds

The Capital #coinmarketcap

#Altcoin Buzz will be at The Capital by CoinMarketCap in Singapore

#Chainlink Adds Prophet Node Operator

Chainlink Adds Prophet Node Operator

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Video Transcription

[Music]everybody Maddie here with altcoin buzzTGIF and happy Friday and despite themarket downturn that we’re seeing todaywe will be discussing some positives atthe macro level including risinginterest in Bitcoin from institutionsshash on twitter wants to remind us allof the capital which is being hosted andis coming up quickly that’s hosted bycoin market cap in Singapore we’llremind you about what that is all abouton decrypted Co are whales controllingthe price of a Bitcoin new evidence isbeing suggested here via a report and onthe merkel comm squares Bitcoin salesvolume has increased six-fold six-foldsince quarter 1 of 2018 chain link isalso in the news we’ll update you withregards to what they’re doing on Twitteras well as on altcoin buzz dot IO butbefore all that let’s take a look atthis market which is hurting a littlebit today on the corn market Capcom 200let’s call that 39 billion dollar totalmarket cap but Bitcoin is down almost 5%today at eight thousand eight hundredseven dollars as I record this we havelost the nine thousand dollar floorsupport level and as you can see otherprojects are also down two three fourfive even eight percent with Bitcoin SVBitcoin dominance right now at sixty sixpoint seven percent let’s see where thisgoes but you cannot be too myopic inthis space volatility is always going tobe the case we go up we go down today wehappen to be going down but there aresome positives at the macro perspectivethat we should consider here on all coinbuzz dot IO the institutional interestin Bitcoin is rising and backsperformance is the proof article here byDeepika is backed finally on track tobecome the leading a trading tool forBitcoin futures now to put things inperspective you may remember the launchof backed was kind of underwhelming andat that time back in September therewere only 71 Bitcoin futures contractsin effect but you fast forward just alittle bit here we are on the 5th ofNovember back traded its second highestcontract volumes since its launch andaccording to the Twitter handle at backBOTS the platform traded over 1,000Bitcoin contracts worth 10 milliondollars or the equivalent of a 96% jumpfrom the previous dayby comparison even at its second bestbacks volume amounts to only 4% of CMAdaily trade volumes and as you can seehere at back bought follow them onTwitter I see ym I Tuesday’s backBitcoin monthly futures traded contractsare up 96% so 1061 vs. 541 from the daybefore an all-time high was 1183 sowe’re encroaching on that record onceagain and as deepika suggests the windsof change may be in the air thisNovember here you have a couple ofcomparative tables looking at theday-to-day gains for the first week ofOctober versus the first week ofNovember but I think more importantlypulling back you know day to day itmetrics are gonna change all the timebut pulling back you can see here on theweekly chart and I’ll read the titlehere it may appear a little small backto Bitcoin futures total open interestand volumes in dollar figures as you cansee over the course of a few weeksbeginning in early October and endinghere in early November the trend seemsto be going up with a very pronouncedand recent spike in the range of abouttwo point one perhaps two point twomillion dollars and again that’s ameasurement of daily volume which wasrelatively low at the end of Septemberand even at the beginning of October midOctober that was definitely a low but weseem to be picking up is that perhaps anexpression of institutional interest Ithink that’s the only reasonableconclusion that can be reached check outthe rest of Deepika’s article for moreinformation but as a reminder she pointsout that recently Starbucks announced ofcourse it would be integrating thebacked crypto currency payment servicewhich is going to hit the market midyear 2020 Starbucks of course owns30,000 outlets across the globe I’mactually surprised it’s not more thereseems to be a Starbucks on every cornerbut that’s going to expose the backpayment system to a massivecryptocurrency user base and if youbelieve what the CEO of backed JeffreySprecher has to say there’s also a lotof institutional interest in factthere’s a tremendous amount of dialoguegoing on with financial institutionsspecifically and both have been tryingto figure out a way to integrate backinto their existing systems the futurelooks pretty bright and I’m the kind ofguy that’s an empiricist I followfurs this may be a trend that reversesitself but at least for the time beingit is encouraging in other news hey bubmake sure you guys are following atemail shash wet on twitter i keepreminding you but he’s really excitedand looking forward to the capital whichis hosted by coin market cap insingapore ping me if you are there we’llbe shooting a video for altcoin buzz ioas well i don’t go to manycryptocurrency conferences and meetupsbut i will totally have a blast at thisone if you are unfamiliar with this andyou don’t know what shash is talkingabout check this out especially ifyou’re in the singapore area the capitalis a coin market cap global conferenceit’s going to be hosted on the 12th and13th of november 2019 it’s at theVictoria Theatre again that’s inSingapore if you’re in the area heyreach out to shash is gonna be one ofthe many attendees and it’s gonna be anexciting event here now on decrypt cothere seems to be new evidence relatingto wales and the question of whether ornot they are controlling the price ofbitcoin while evidence about the impactof wales and influencing bitcoin pricesis mixed a new report claims that theireffect on prices is quote alive and wellaccording to a new report from sfox acrypto trading platform the effect ofwale traders on crypto markets is aliveand well on those markets the reportincludes an interview with Frank Weerta co-founder of wale alert a site thattracks wallet movements through cryptocurrencies worth more than 50 milliondollars the site identified transactionsinvolving Wales that contributed to aslump of more than 20 percent inbitcoins price from the 21st to the 22ndof October and the reports publicationcomes on the heels of a recent Bloombergreport citing an academic study thatclaims the 2017 surge in Bitcoin priceswas the result of trading by one singlewhale the story was met with fiercerebuttal from members of the cryptoindustry now here is that Bloombergreport that we just referred to aloneBitcoin whale alone well as in singularlikely fueled 2017 surge that’saccording to one particular study’sfindings this from the 4th of November2019 this is a very contentious articlehere it’s disputed that byin the space for example here was whatMatty Greenspan an analyst at tradingplatform eTorohad to say quote I think that thebloomberg report is emphatically falsethe report witnessed a 1000% surge inregistrations during the third andfourth quarter of 2017 after cryptoprices skyrocketed quote we had so manynew clients that we went into emergencyreactive mode said greenspan and sowhether or not those clients wereprecipitated by that singular will Isuppose is something that can still beargued but I you know my men on bias ofcourse but my reaction is also veryskeptical because there were a lot ofpeople including many friends and familymembers of mine that were alsointerested in entering the space on aregular basis back in that 2017 bullmarket maybe that one will was theinitial mover you never know but I thinkthere’s much more to consider than justany one individual however all of thatis kind of besides the point if you wantto read more about this report by SFO Xit’s not particularly groundbreaking allthey’re really saying is that yes whalesdo have an impact on the space and onthe market and as we’ve seen todayBitcoin prices are down prettydramatically I mean five percent that’snot really something you see in othermarkets so who knows I mean this verywell may be the consequences of aparticular whale or whales movementplural you never know I don’t find aparticularly surprising though to learnthat yes whales do impact the space kindof what else is new right but there youhave it check out that report check outthe bloomberg article as well again thisis coming under a lot of scrutiny andit’s receiving a lot of criticalattention people disagree with it on thewhole but whatever that was the findingaccording to one particular study we’lllink to that in the description belowhere on the merkel comm squares Bitcoinsales volume has increased six-foldsince cue 1 2018 another positiveindicator here so despite a ratherlackluster start back in 2018 thingshave improved significantly Foursquareduring q3 2019 they noted the highestvolume of Bitcoin sales to date thehighest volume with a hundred andforty-eight million dollars worth oftransactions the demand for cryptocurrencies is not slowing down it alsomakes thestraight quarter of growth for thecompany in this department alone andcompared to the initial figures in q12018 square notes a strong growthoverall the volume has nearly tripledsince then despite bitcoins price goingthrough an extensive rough patch formost of 2018 and certainly early 2019and of course these figures also confirmthat Square made the right call byletting clients buy and sell Bitcointhrough their mobile app and this alsoreinforces the idea and corroborates theevidence that we’ve seen from otherangles that Bitcoin institutionalinterest is on the rise so I guess youcould argue that it’s consumer interestas well as institutional interest but ofcourse those also feed off each other sojust because we’re not at all-time highsand just because you know as I mentionedtoday we had a down day in the marketand that may well continue you neverquite know volatility is a dailysnapshot you got to look at the macroyou got to look at the largerperspective and the wider angle and Ithink metrics like these in terms ofcompanies like Square in terms ofpercentage and volume increases in termsof companies like backed is what youreally got to look for those are theleading indicators to what may well behopefully a healthy market going forwardfinally for today we have updates withchain link here on Twitter we’re excitedto welcome prophet node as the newestnode operator to further decentralizethe chain link network they’re backed bya team of blockchain enthusiasts andearly adopters with a wealth ofblockchain infrastructure experiencehere on altcoin buzzy oh we’re talkingabout that very story chain link addsprofit node operator article by nataliaprophet joined the chain link team andthat’s good news the profit nodeoperator will provide real-world datafor the chain link ecosystem and hencedecentralization continues chain link israpidly growing and on the 5th ofNovember they made the announcement thatthe profit node operator has joined theteam profit if you’re not familiar is aproject of crypto enthusiasts and earlyadopters of blockchain tech its mainpurpose is to connect off chain datafeeds and web api’s with smart contrahere’s a statement courtesy of theprofit team quote here at profit westrongly believe in the future of smartcontracts but we can’t imagine itwithout a connection to real world dataand systems that’s why we are inspiredso much by chain-link and decided tojoin them as part of the decentralizedoracle network and earlier prophetcreated bacon rolls that served as ateases delegation resource currentlybacon rolls has a four point ninemillionTezz tokens in its stack further thedelegation service has been running onmain net since its day of launch and ifyou’re interested in the architecture ofprofit you can take a look at thisrather technical chart I guess it’spretty simple if you know what you’relooking at I don’t personally and youcan also check out their publication andthe recent news which has been coveredon as well as otherinformation about the chain linkecosystem that Natalia has provided herebut that about wraps it up for todayeverybody to be sure you’re followingaltcoin buzz on all the regular socialmedia channels and keep checking backinto the website of course altcoin buzzdot IO go ahead like subscribe share hitthe belt receive notifications if you’veenjoyed today’s video best of luck ifyou choose to invest let’s hope themarket doesn’t continue falling foreverbut we’ll keep an eye on it have awonderful Friday everybody have a greatstart to your weekend of course and asalways help us again soon in our nextvideo take care[Music]


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    No bull run this year, if anything it already peaked for the year. It’s just going to trade sideways or go down for the rest of the year. Next year might be different but I wont be surprised if we go back down to the $6k range before the next major bull run.

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    Bakkt investors are all Bitcoin whales

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    BAKKT daily volume record has just been beaten. Currently sitting at 1226 daily contracts.

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    Bakkt at 1436 contracts!

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    its down $400!