My Bitcreek Wallet Review! Scam or Legit? Red FLAG!? Watch NOW!

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My Bitcreek Wallet Review! Scam or Legit? Red FLAG!? Watch NOW!

Hey My Friend, I’m Glad you stopped by my video today. In this Video I will be discussing this Bitcreek Wallet in my review. Is this another Wallet Scam? Watch the Video to find out…

So in this Video I discuss this Bitcreek wallet and give a few Red Flags on why I chose not to promote or even participate in this opportunity. First I’d prefer to use a trusted wallet and exchange like Coinbase that is regulated and has been around since the beginning. In truth this Bitcreek Wallet looks to be a Ponzi Scheme, I hope for those in this Bitcreek Wallet that it is not. However, from my experience in crypto I know there are many opportunities just like this one that have come and gone due to them being a scam. I do not see this opportunity lasting more than a year, they are pushing recruiting by offering a Free $500 but expect you to get others to invest to make up for the Free $500 they are giving to a small few. I would be very careful when investing in this Bitcreek Wallet. They control everything about their BCWt Coin, it is not available on any other exchange and it is not even listed on the coinmarketcap. Just a few Red Flags to get started….

When I asked a member where the Free $500 is coming from and who funding it they said its closed and I can’t get funded and told me to leave them alone. Sounds Fishy if you ask me…

Let’s not forget that this Bitcreek Wallet controls their own market on what the coin is actually worth… I don’t see anywhere about any true trades going on like what you find on real exchanges like coinbase or binance. A Bot that shows Fake trades is not the same thing as a real Trading system.

Evidence all points to the fact that Bitcoin Wallet is another Wallet Ponzi Scheme. Scam that will probably pull an exit scam in 6 months to a year.

With That said…

If you would like to Work with me or learn more about this Bitcreek Wallet then watch my review above; then as mentioned in this video here is the url I promised so you can get started today.

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