Coldcard Wallet Review

Bitcoin Magazine’s Michael Taiberg reviews the Coldcard Mk3 hardware wallet, the latest wallet offering from Coinkite. This review includes an objective evaluation applied to all of Bitcoin Magazine’s wallet reviews, covering the following criteria:
– Multisig support
– Ability to connect to your own node
– Coin control
– Fee control
– Coinjoin capabilities
– UTXO selection
– Lightning support
– Coin mixing
– Near-field communication
– Bluetooth capabilities
– Operating system
– Token support

The Coldcard will soon be available in the BTC Store at, and is available for pre-order today at
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Video Transcription

what’s going on everyone welcome back to
another Bitcoin magazine review my name
is Michael and today we’re gonna be
reviewing the cold card mk3 which is the
latest Walt offering brought to us by
coin kite the cold card mk3 is an
awesome Bitcoin wallet for any type of
user because it allows you to use a
wallet both offline and online and what
that basically means is you’re able to
send a Bitcoin transaction without ever
having to connect to a computer or the
Internet the cold card mk3 is also bid
39 based which essentially means that
you can record the seed phrases onto
individual pieces of paper as well as
create separate sub accounts and also
have unlimited payment addresses the
cold card mp3 is also a wallet that
while you can use it offline it’s also
parable with wasabi and electron some
really cool features about the Kola card
is that it also has a slightly larger
screen than its two predecessors and it
also has three times more memory on it
which allows you to send more
complicated transactions as well as
other features that coin kite hasn’t
released yet but they say will be very
handy for this big memory another really
cool feature of the Kola card is the
OLED screen displayed on the actual
device because it’s a very well lit and
bright display that allows you to see
all the information of the transactions
that you’re signing as well as the other
features that cold card provides you the
cold card mk3 comes straight out of the
box air-gap so you never have to connect
it to a computer if you choose not to
you’re also able to use the cold card
with any software that supports bit 148
which is partially signed Bitcoin
transactions this allows the cold cards
to remain offline while you’re able to
connect it with software now we’re going
to take a look at the criteria under
which we evaluate all wallets for
Bitcoin magazine so starting off with
multi-sig the cold card definitely
supports multi-sig because it supports
connections with other wallets as it
relates to connecting to your own full
node the cold card can be used to
complete an entirely sovereign set up
with a full node by connecting it to a
sabe or electrum and in using electro
Mesabi to connect your own full node the
cold card itself does not support you
TXO selection simply because the
features are not available within the
device itself but like we said if you
connect it to any software such as
electron wasabi
though is provide those kind of features
for you and thus you’re able to use
those kind of features with the cola
card the cold card does not support
lightning nor can you interact with
lightning using the cold card but most
other hardware wallets act similarly but
the demand for it is not there yet now
for operating system compatibility
there’s nothing really to worry about
when it comes to the cold card because
like we said you can use the cold card
completely offline and so there is a
small OS here and when it comes to
updating that firmware you can do that
completely in an air-gap fashion as well
thanks to the micro SD chip you would
simply be taking information and passing
it in between the micro SD chip and your
actual computer connected to the
back to the cold card when it comes to
token support the cold card does only
support Bitcoin but rodolfo Novak the
CEO of Coyne kite did say that he
open-source the firmware for the cold
cart so that other developers if they do
so choose can design it to support other
coins you know personally I really like
this wallet as a Bitcoin user because of
the way it’s designed and also the
features it provides you it’s one of the
few wallets that allows you to choose
and use it the way that you want as
opposed to other wallets that sort of
assume some features that you want to
use you can use this one completely
offline which is one of my favorite
things about it but you can also use it
the way that you would use a regular
treasurer ledger by connecting to the
internet and your regular computer
overall the wallet is a really nicely
built I love the cyberpunk feel of being
able to see all the hardware through the
actual plastic casing and it’s a really
interesting wallet for any Bitcoin user
simply because of the features that it
provides you and using a wallet like
this just teaches you about Bitcoin
because of all the features that allows
you to have if you’re interested in
purchasing the Cole card it’s available
on store BTC which is our BTC store as
well as coin kites own website and on
both of those sources you can purchase
the cold card individually or in
packages that also include the micro SD
chip thanks for tuning in we’ll see you
next time


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