Update Changes Bitcoin Technical Analysis Today: 8.13.19

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This channel is focused on daily technical analysis videos for bitcoin in the cryptocurrency markets. I utilize day trading strategies to maximize profits and create projected bitcoin signals that include entry prices, exit targets, and stop losses.
The cryptocurrency markets are a 24hr market, thus, its crucial for a traders success to join a community worldwide that leverages time and skill by bringing together collective minds of traders in order to gain the most accurate signals/calls 24hrs a day 7 days a week. This is what our online crypto trading community utilizes. Check it out at www.cryptohippoprofiteers.com
Our bitcoin technical analysis videos consist of using indicators such as, Fibonacci Retracements and Fibonacci Strategies, including extensions and Fibonacci Bollinger bands. We also use trend lines, support and resistance targets, confluence zones, ema’s, macd’s, rsi, rsi divergence strategies, volume, volume divergence strategies, Elliot Wave Analysis and Theory, as well as several other indicators depending on the time frame in which you are trading.
Our online crypto and bitcoin trading community also focuses on altcoins, altcoin trading, altcoin strategies, altcoin technical analysis, etc. The community operates 24/7 worldwide with members from almost all different time zones. The community also focuses on education and teaching new members trading strategies, techniques, risk management, and trading philosophy.
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    This is gorgeous and revolutionary m8

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    Let me take a nap… great shot, anyway.

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    I think I’m crying. It’s that excellent.

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    realmistlinkspor1978 November 7, 2019

    This is amazing work, friend.