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Mark Yusko: Bitcoin can “easily” hit $100k by 2021

BTC above $12,500! The stage for new yearly highs is set?

Bitcoin (BTC) back above $12k – what’s next?

TRON foundation and Justin Sun break silence on “police raid” of offices

Today Chepicap’s Will Heasman takes a look at Bitcoin’s rise above $12k, the technical analysis which supported it along the way and what traders and analysts believe may be next for Bitcoin as it heads back to it’s previous highs. Alongside this we delve into yesterdays Tron debacle, differentiating between speculation and Tron’s official story.

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Bitcoin (BTC) back above $12k – what’s next?

Binance drops confirmations for BTC and ETH transactions

CZ Binance: ‘Nouriel Roubini is basically being paid to be the clown’

Bitcoin has only been a bad buy on 60 out of its 3,840 days of existence

Mark Yusko on CNBC: Bitcoin could hit $30,000 before next correction

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