Bitcoin Price Dips, Altcoins at All-Time Low! Cryptocurrency Market Update and News

Bitcoin price took a​ hit but has now recovered nicely. This is something that Mattie will look into as well as the massive altcoin sale that we are seeing. He will also talk about Britain and the possibility that they might ban crypto derivatives, and finally, he will talk about jobs in the crypto space.
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Cryptocurrency market update: Bears regain control as #Bitcoin (BTC) and major altcoins nursing losses #Ethereum

Altcoin Avalanche Begins as #Cryptocurrency Markets Shed $16 Billion

Altcoin Avalanche Begins as Cryptocurrency Markets Shed $16 Billion

FCA proposes ban on cryptocurrency products

Five types of cryptocurrency jobs on the market

Britain’s FCA Considers Ban On Crypto Derivatives

Britain’s FCA Considers Ban On Crypto Derivatives


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