Cryptocurrency market review: Bitcoin BTCUSD, Ethereum ETHUSD #9 July 1, 2019


Bitcoin BTCUSD over the course of June bulls were able to hit 2018 yearly open and we have a pullback since then. Bears were able to close the month below Nov 2017 high as well as below Feb 2018 and Mar 2018 high. SO what now? Deeper pullback possible down towards psychological 10k. Lower possible levels are around 9200 and 8200. To the upside, bulls need to take out and close above 2019 high.

Ethereum ETHUSD original range has been broken to the upside and similar to BTC we have a correction. Now as a bull I would rather watch 50% of the old range ( around / below 250 ) instead of the top of the old range. Break below will expose 200.

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