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World’s First LIVE blockchain investment funds platform to disrupt the $85 trillion industry. Anyone can create or join a crypto hedge fund, set fees & see past ROI. Investors called cotraders can invest with the best fund managers, called traders, without sending the traders their crypto assets. CoTrader decouples fund management from custodianship. For the first time in history, investors can withdraw their assets from any fund at any time. The platform will enable whitelisting for compliance. CoTrader supports Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and its plan is to soon support all cryptos and ICOs, as well as stocks, shorts, derivatives, and can tokenize all assets on any exchange, from Binance to Ameritrade, via it’s smart escrow protocol. CoTrader enables everyone to test and prove themselves as top investors as they build up a performance history. Influencers have the incentive to compete & onboard cotraders, as this leverages and multiplies their gains.

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Note: I am not your financial advisor everything that I say is for informational purposes only so it is important that you do your own research and due diligence before jumping into an ICO.

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