Invest-BTC Mining a Scam Now What ?

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What is up everyone Low Forbes here from the you are more channel coming to shoot a video. So the last time we spoke I did a review a on website called Invest-BTC mining this video is an update of my experience so far with this program and my future goals when it comes to investing in cloud mining companies.

So about 3 weeks ago I invested about 30 dollars in bitcoin with this company yes I test small i don’t just throw money at things and hope it works and I try and do my research and communicate with the admins of these companies to test their legitimacy.

so everything was fine they were paying and right after i almost got my initial seed money they blocked my account.

Yea it’s official they are a Scam so my final verdict for Invest-BTC mining is that they are SCAM stay away Do not throw away you bitcoins.

My Heart felt apologies to anyone who may have invested in this company but please don’t based your judgement on my videos. I wanna use this time to say that I’m not a financial adviser i do not give financial advice and any investment carries a risk please do your own research and do not invest money you are not comfortable losing I’m just a regular person just like you looking to make some investments in cloud mining and get some Bitcoin and share with you what is and what is not working for me.

So with that being said I wanna share with you another cloud mining company. This company has bin around from 2016 and they are still going strong and it’s a great way for you to start mining bitcoin if that is what you want to do. For me this is a hobby that I’m passionate about that I’m going to be doing in the long term as long as bitcoin can be mined. So what ever your purpose just insure that your consistent.

if your looking to get rich overnight I’m sorry this is gonna take just a bit of work, some compounding and some time.

So if you fit the bill stay tuned

So The company that I recommend is like I said something old but still relevant this company has bin flying below the radar for about a year now no one is talking about them. Take a look at these contract prices they are phenomenal and here’s why I say that. these are prices that any person on a shoe string budget can afford and while it won’t make you the next bitcoin millionaire overnight it will allow you to receive consistent freshly mined bitcoin to your wallet. When you buy hashing power from you can either buy it from the company directly like the contracts shown or you can go to the auction and buy personalized contracts from verified approved vendors who want to rent their mining hardware to users like me and you through so here’s the best part what I like about Hashing 24 is a partner of Bitmain so might be saying who the heck is Bitmain and why should I care.

Well Bitmain is the leading company that makes the hardware so that it’s possible to mine bitcoins you know the sha-17 w/e and the GPU thing thing look I don’t know the exact terms but they build the hardware I promise my next video I will know the some of the hardware names anyways Bitmain and Hashing24 are partners Bitmain makes the hardware and does the cloud mining for the hardware I encourage you guys to go and verify this info for yourself and i will do another more in depth review about hashing24 so that you can make a informed decision but if your like no I want in now there is going to be a link in the description so can go and sign up for hashing 24.

So that’s it for this video guys I hope you found some type of value from this video and I hope I was able to help you in some way. So if you like the value here guys please like and subscribe to my channel I would very much appreciate it and Let’s go get some bitcoin I will see you guys in the next one

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