Bitcoin Falls Below $8,000, Ethereum Classic Atlantis Hard Fork – June 5th Cryptocurrency News

The cryptocurrency market is in the red today. This week Bitcoin experienced quite a large price drop. Last week we saw Bitcoin hit its highest level so far this year moving closer to $9,000. On Monday the price of Bitcoin was around $8,500 but then on Tuesday it fell all the way to around $8,000 and today we saw it suffer another drop, falling to around $7,500. The price is currently around $7,800, this is still higher than the price we saw it at this day last year. Today the total cryptocurrency marketcap is around $250 billion, this day last year it was around $335 billion.

Out of the top 20 today, Ethereum Classic is the biggest loser with losses of over 9%. This week, Ethereum Classic Labs announced the implementation of the Atlantis hard fork. Atlantis is being implemented on the testnet, and it is expected to be implemented on the mainnet around July 1st. The goal of Atlantis is to increase the functionality and stability of ETC.

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