Contempt Threat, Facebook Cryptocurrency & Meteor Shower – Friday, May 3rd, 2019

The news to know for Friday, May 3rd, 2019!

Today, we’re talking about the feud on Capitol Hill that just got more heated, a cruise ship quarantine, and who Facebook is now banning.

Plus: earn cryptocurrency in the car, a Starbucks recall, and the rapper breaking records.

Those stories and many more in less than 10 minutes!

Award-winning broadcast journalist and former TV news reporter Erica Mandy breaks it all down for you.

Head to to read more about any of the stories mentioned under the section titled ‘Episodes’ or see sources below…

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Contempt Threat: AP, CNN, NYT

Fed Withdrawal: WSJ, PBS

India Cyclone: NYT, The Weather Channel

Cruise Ship Quarantine: CBS News, CNN

Ramadan Starts: LA Times, VOX

Facebook Ban: Washington Post, USA Today, CNN

Facebook Cryptocurrency: WSJ

Jaguar Land Rover Tech: Mashable, Forbes

Starbucks Recall: WSJ, CBS News

Women’s Hockey League Boycott: ESPN, FOX Sports, Forbes

Weekend Meteor Shower: AccuWeather,, Astronomy Magazine

Drake Breaks Billboard Record: US Weekly, Yahoo!

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