Cryptocurrency News I BitSeven digest daily 15.04.2019 part 2 (2019)

Cryptocurrency News I BitSeven digest daily 15.04.2019 part 2

1) Bitcoin-exchange Bitstamp received license to provide services in New York state of New York

New York State Financial Services Authority (NYDFS) has issued another virtual currency license (BitLicense). Its owner was the oldest and largest cryptoexchange in Europe Bitstamp.
Note that Bitstamp was one of the first companies to apply for BitLicense in June 2015 after the relevant legislation was passed in NY.
This is already the 19th NYDFS license, which will allow Bitstamp to operate on the territory of NY State. The exchange will offer trading pairs with BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH and XRP.
NYDSF press release also states that the exchange received the right to transfer funds to the Ripple network and issue corresponding balances in virtual currencies and in US dollars, and several other fiat currencies, including the AU dollar, British pound, euro, Swiss franc and Japanese Yen.
According to Neits Kodrich, CEO of Bitstamp, his company discussed various aspects of trading platform operation with NYDFS.

“There were questions concerning application matching mechanism, storing crypto, holding auditions. A license is a set of rules and procedures that must be followed on a daily basis,” – he explained.

Bitstamp was already present on the US market, however, as Kodrich acknowledged, until today it was holding a rather “passive” position. With receiving BitLicense, the exchange intends to expand its sphere of influence on this market.

Next in cryptocurrency news Bitseven daily news from Japan:

2) Largest bank of Japan will issue its stablecoin by the end of the year.

The Japanese banking holding Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, which occupies 5th place in the world, intends to begin practical use of its digital coin MUFG Coin. This was stated by the bank’s new president Kanezugu Mike.
MUFG is the largest financial company in Japan. According to forecasts, it will be the first in the country to release its own digital currency, which is a stablecoin, supported by Japanese Yen in a 1:1 ratio.
When developing a coin, emphasis was placed on its functionality. Financial institutions customers will be able to download the application to automatically convert their funds into stablebcoins. Since 2017, the bank has been testing stablecoin; more than 1,500 employees have been involved in this process. And earlier it was reported that MUFG is thinking of offering the use of a stablecoin to more than 100,000 customers.

“We would like to offer unprecedented new value,” – said Mike Asahi Shimbun to Kanezugu.

In May last year, MUFG announced that in 2019 MUFG Coin will conduct tests among its 100,000 customers. According to the president of the holding, during the test period, users will be able to use this currency to pay in restaurants and shops, as well as for transfers to other test participants accounts.
Let’s recall that MUFG officially announced for the first time about plans to launch its own stablecoin, tied to the Japanese yen, in January last year. In December, a similar project was announced by Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG) banking holding.

We will close this cryptocurrency news release with another record of BTC network:

3) The volume of processed transactions in BTC network broke a new record

Network of the largest cryptocurrency continues to break records in the number of processed transactions. For the first time, BTC platform has processed more than 400 million transactions.
This time network pf the first crypto was able to process 400,251,742 transactions. Now the BTC blockchain network processes, on average, about 350,000 operations daily. The platform manages to process 14,904 transactions per hour (just over four per second).
Analysts explain the sharp increase in the number of operations in the cryptocurrency network with its rise in price above $5000. It is worth noting that the number of transactions in the BTC network has increased even against the background of maintaining a low value of the coin.
As the number of transactions increased, transaction fees were also increasing. The average size of a single transaction increased to 5.44 BTC ($ 28,316). For the first week of April, the transaction processing fee exceeded $2.
It is also worth noting that over the past day network users moved 1,956,321 BTC coins equally of amount more than $ 10 bill, which was about 11% of the total market capitalization of cryptoassets

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