Bi-Tech Cloud Mining review (My first video ever)

I lost a lot of money in the 2017-2018 run up of Bitcoin. A lot of my investing advice came from Youtubers who did not care about their subscribers. I saw them making huge sums of money and did not realize it was all affiliate driven.

This video series is me doing what they did not do. I am risking my own cash to test these various services. If there is anything you want me to test with my money on your behalf. Leave the information in the comments. If you spam the comments with affiliate scams and links; I will block you from commenting further. This is and open forum but it will remain honest.

Bi-Tech link:

Coinbase wallet link:

Mining Calculator Cryptocompare:

BitDeer: New accounts can test their contracts and get some FREE MINING TRIAL. Following the links on their home page to make sure you get the free mining. If you are already with registered with Bitmain, Antpool or BitDeer… Sadly they don;t offer the free contracts 🙁 Noobs only:

Original of the video here

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    peogocuspo1981 June 15, 2019

    This video has navigated right into my heart.