Blockchain comes out of the shadow of cryptocurrency (2019)

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Blockchain comes out of the shadow of cryptocurrency

Technological progress has its positive and negative sides, it is accompanied by disputes between its supporters and opponents. However, life does not stand still, if before the blockchain was considered in connection with cryptocurrencies, now the blockchain is increasingly associated with other areas of human activity.
The ability to use blockchains outside the realm of cryptocurrency is provided by decentralized Dapps applications.
Our subjective perception of the situation is confirmed by objective research by organizations such as the Fluence Network. The study highlights 2018, when the vast majority of existing Dapps began to work. Thanks to these decentralized applications, blockchain capabilities can be used in freelancing, for personal identification and verification of diplomas, in advertisements and in a messenger, in games and cross-border payments ….
The study shows that the undisputed leader in Dapps placement among the Ethereum, EOS and TRON blockchains is the Ethereum network. EOS and TRON account for 19% and 8%, respectively, of Dapps hosted on these platforms.
Information regarding sources of funding for the development of decentralized applications will be of interest to specialists. The study shows that the development of the lion’s share of Dapps is funded by the companies own funds. Financing through ICO and venture capital funds is also popular.
Specialists at highlight the popularity of Infura services. The capabilities of this company allow integrating a new decentralized application with the Ethereum blockchain.

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