Obelisk Tech SC1 Slim SIA Miner | Review & Tutorial | How To Upgrade Hashboards 2x Earnings

The latest and greatest SIA Blake2b-Sia ASIC miner from Obelisk Tech, the SC1 Slim is half the size and twice as powerful as the original SC1 miner! Subscribe to VoskCoin – http://voskco.in/Sub

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Timestamps, miner pool configs, links, + more below!
00:00 Intro Obelisk SC1 Slim Miner Review
00:25 SC1 Slim 1/2 half the size and 2x hashing power miner
00:54 Obelisk SC1 Miner (original) made $90 a day
01:07 Obelisk SC1 Slim one of most profitable miners in 2019
01:12 Obelisk Tech SC1 Immersion (liquid cooled) SIA miner
01:27 Obelisk SC1 slim specs vs original sc1 sia miner specs
02:09 What is SIA Siacoin crypto — Cloud Storage on Blockchain
02:26 History of Siacoin SIA Blake2b mining GPU – ASIC – Forks
02:50 Siacoin dev team creates obelisk – miners for SIA, DCR, and GRIN
03:11 VoskCoin Reviewed Bitmain Antminer A3 Blake2b SIA Miner
03:21 Antminer A3 & Innosilicon S11 beat Obelisk SC1 to market
03:39 Siacoin dev team forks off Inno S11 and Antminer A3 for SC1
05:13 Obelisk Tech publicly posts amount of SC1 SIA miners sold
05:50 Obelisk SC1 Slim review – new firmware increases hashrate
06:23 Obelisk SC1 Slim daily revenue in Siacoin SC and USD
07:11 How much does the Obelisk SC1 Slim cost / worth / buy
07:33 Obelisk DCR1 Decred ASIC miner can mine SIA w/ SC1 hash boards
07:47 How to add mining hashboards to obelisk asic miners / change boards
08:48 How to setup / use Obelisk ASIC miner – SC1 Slim tutorial
10:08 Fanspeed trick/hack to increase earnings w/ Obelisk SC1 Slim
11:32 Obelisk SC1 Slim profitability, earnings, ROI, breakeven on this miner?
13:42 What is the price of the Obelisk SC1 Slim ASIC miner
14:42 Should you buy the Obelisk SC1 Slim SIA ASIC miner?
15:56 Obelisk has the best branding of all ASIC miners
16:53 Final thoughts / review on the Obelisk SC1 Slim SIA miner

Obelisk Tech was founded by several members of the Siacoin development team. Obelisk set out to develop ASIC miners for their own coin, Siacoin along with Decred (and eventually this year also opened a pre-order for a GRIN asic miner). Bitmain and Innosilicon beat Obelisk Tech to market with their Antminer A3 and Innosilicon S11 SIA miners. When Obelisk Tech had their SC1 SIA miners ready for release, they implemented a hardfork with the Siacoin SC blockchain and invalidated all of the other ASIC miners currently on it. In turn their less powerful machines which previously (now) had no chance of ever breaking even became insanely profitable mining rigs. We reviewed the Obelisk SC1 after the fork when the miner was making $90 dollars a day — IN A BEAR MARKET! However as they continued to release the rest of their SC1 miners and the Siacoin price continued to decline, so did the mining profitability. Today I am here to review their latest and final (at least for awhile) Siacoin ASIC miner — the Obelisk Tech SC1 Slim which is twice as small (basically) and twice as powerful as their original Obelisk SC1!

Obelisk ASIC miner pool configuration setup example
Pool (Mining Pool)

Wallet address.worker name


Obelisk Tech Discord Invite (their sc1marketplace) – http://voskco.in/ObDiscord
CoinGecko Siacoin to USD calculator – http://bit.ly/2quJ6xk
Obelisk SC1s on Amazon (bad deals atm) – http://geni.us/uR8AXge

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