Crypto In The News – Starbucks, Microsoft, BCG, BAKKT, ICE, NYSE Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption ETF

Archangel Alts Crypto in the News Instant Insights – March 6, 2019
Good or bad, new models for entry into the #massadoption (mass adoption) of crypto, especially Bitcoin BTC are coming; likely soon.
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Starbucks Unveils Key Detail about its Secretive Bitcoin Strategy

NYSE Owner: Bakkt is Our ‘Moonshot’ Bitcoin Bet

How the Efforts of Bakkt Could Lead to the Approval of the First Bitcoin ETF

Bakkt: A Global Ecosystem for Regulated Digital Assets

Binance Exchange is an excellent example of a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem model, where liquidity from one coin to another can be found instantly. They are big enough to handle volume that moves, and have worked on areas like tech support and transparency to users via their reddit and twitter channels.
What affect would it have on great exchanges like Binance for a behemoth like NYSE/ICE backed BAKKT to bring in owned BTC assets to be traded with stability and regulation on a scale never seen in the decentralized, hipster techno geek culture of the past decade? We need to lead the crypto revolution in mass numbers, and not wait for traditional institutions, governments and massive corporations to do the move for us. But, if it’s coming, ca we be hopeful for the positive money flow of capitalism to flow in a healthy direction for the exchanges already in existence?

We can hope so.

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