ATF App – Driving Mass Adoption Of Cryptocurrency

Beta / Demo version of ATF (AsiaTokenFund) mobile app for new to industry cryptocurrency users. LAUNCHING IN APP STORE APRIL 2019

ATF is an ONE STOP platform for using, handling & storing digital assets (cryptocurrency), especially for new-to-industry users or first time holding cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is not an easy matter to handle, it takes a lot of effort, time and various channels to be able to navigate it. With ATF , users do not need to visit various websites or download multiple apps just to use Cryptocurrency.

The ATF App consist of several needed functions for cryptocurrency including:

– News & Research
– Market Analysis, Project Ratings & Market Cap
– Storage of assets , Wallet function
– Purchase Crypto from Fiat-to-crypto via inbuilt OTC
– Connect to Exchange to trade
– Transfer asset to peers for FREE
– Use crypto to purchase item in merchant listing.
– Use crypto to scan & pay at merchant physical shop

ATF also enable third-party partner companies such as EXCHANGE or OTC providers to integrate into the app. This means, users can use third-party exchange without the need to download another app !

Original of the video here

15678 - ATF App - Driving Mass Adoption Of Cryptocurrency

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