Blue Wallet Bitcoin wallet review (2019)

Invest at your own risk. I have not found this app to be 100% legit so use small amounts that you could potentially lose when trying this app.

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BTC: 15DP9msq4FmrWWWc9nx9YiCe3H9uvNWkBf
ETH: 0xC8b4E7c45921AFdcCE19Fafb8d9F652B8c9044bc
LTC: LdB6ryvmrh6C7W3Scj3VsdVwNJc1jV5hxu
ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsjvkfPm31TZCTTezkab7QYGSSjCkazLPpy6poDNdJHzj6UUxKM2LGzVqdfqez3pAKHWsHjuxEFn5kEDPV66zmyso7xNCZo
ZCASH: t1fYqM3BDbcQ5ZXvsNkm41xBaiYRWZNvkHY
DASH: XjstGx97KgEwLdtJ3opjReLedhoKcB83Ne
XRP: rB5qBKndCvWtxELFwFNFD3t96825KEaM1d

Original of the video here

15678 - Blue Wallet Bitcoin wallet review (2019)

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    wiidalogwo1978 February 27, 2019

    Gold. Please stop!

  • comment-avatar
    danfegikor1987 June 15, 2019

    You are so inspiring!