15 Feb, ’19: Indonesia not lifting Bitcoin ban, Ministry confirms | Daily Cryptocurrency Updates

DAILY CRYPTO NEWS: 15 February, ’19 (https://coinage.com)
Indonesia Not Lifting Bitcoin Ban – Ministry Confirms Possible Only On Futures Exchanges. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/indonesia-not-lifting-bitcoin-ban-ministry-confirms/

JPMorgan’s JPM Coin is a “Huge Slap in the Face for Ripple” Delphi Digital’s Principal. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/jpmorgan-jpm-coin-huge-slap-ripple-face-delphi-digital/

Binance To Cease Trading of Five Tokens On Feb 22, Following Standard Failure. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/binance-cease-trading-five-tokens-feb-22/

Coinsquare Signs StellarX DEX Acquisition Deal – Second Stellar-Related Purchase in 3 Months. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/coinsquare-stellarx-dex-aquisition/

Bitcoin Trading Volumes Across Crypto Exchanges See a Spike. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/bitcoin-trading-volumes-continue-to-spike-expert-opinion/

Crypto Community Mocks Ripple over “JPM Coin” for Payments, XRP Supporters Fight Back. Read the full story here: https://coingape.com/crypto-community-mocks-jpm-coin-xrp-supporters-fight-back/

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15678 - 15 Feb, '19: Indonesia not lifting Bitcoin ban, Ministry confirms | Daily Cryptocurrency Updates

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