25 Best ICO Picks: Rush Rating | February 2019 🚀 Finafex ICO, Smart Valor ICO, DexAge ICO…

“In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.”
Take a look at our Top ICO Picks in February 2019 presented by ICOrush. #ICOFebruary2019 #BestICO #RushRating #ICOrush

🥇 Top ICO #01. Finafex ICO: Finafex ICO is a state of the art crypto asset exchange custody and trade settlement platform.
🌐 Finafex ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4730_Finafex_FNX
🥈 Top ICO #02. Smart Valor ICO: SMART VALOR ICO is a blockchain startup set to enable borderless crypto finance.
🌐 Smart Valor ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5201_Smart-Valor_VALOR
🥉 Top ICO #03. DexAge ICO: DexAge ICO is a Decentralized Exchange platform, enabling P2P crypto to crypto exchange on DAPP.
🌐 DexAge ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4979_DexAge_DXG
Top ICO #04. Rento ICO: Rento ICO proposes a global sharing platform for businesses and individuals that allow renting of underutilised assets.
🌐 Rento ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5165_Rento_RTO
Top ICO #05. Alprockz ICO: Alprockz ICO is a new cryptocurrency that brings solidity and trust into the volatile cryptocurrency market.
🌐 Alprockz ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5022_Alprockz_APZ
Top ICO #06. Sonata.ai ICO: Sonata.ai ICO is all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to traders and holders.
🌐 Sonata.ai ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5202_Sonata.ai_SONT
Top ICO #07. Please ICO: Please ICO brings decentralization to the masses using xApp approach.
🌐 Please ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4980_Please_PLS
Top ICO #08. KIBIS ICO: KIBIS ICO is an innovative kiosk supplier and operator that plans to become the principal payments provider.
🌐 KIBIS ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5134_KIBIS_KIBIS
Top ICO #09. Cryptune ICO: Cryptune ICO is set to disrupt the Point of Sale Software & Hardware industry.
🌐 Cryptune ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5024_Cryptune_CPTS
Top ICO #10. Whisky Token ICO: WHISKY TOKEN ICO stands for a disruptive new possibility in crypto.
🌐 Whisky Token ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4992_Whisky-Token_WHY
Top ICO #11. BlockEstate ICO: BlockEstate ICO is leveraging predictive analytics and big data to model and identify upcoming market.
🌐 BlockEstate ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4893_BlockEstate_BEAT
Top ICO #12. Billion ICO: Billion ICO is a comprehensive and user-friendly set of tools for active cryptocurrency users.
🌐 Billion ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4731_Billion_BLLN
Top ICO #13. Raido Financial ICO: Raido Financial ICO is a global fintech ecosystem with universal crypto tools.
🌐 Raido Financial ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5096_Raido-Financial_RF
Top ICO #14. Zimrii ICO: Zimrii ICO is a music and film platform and global digital assets exchange.
🌐 Zimrii ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5080_Zimrii_ZMR
Top ICO #15. Ludos ICO: Ludos ICO is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community.
🌐 Ludos ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5167_Ludos_LUD
Top ICO #16. BtcEX ICO: BtcEX ICO is a licensed cryptocurrency trading platform that enables easy access to a secure exchange.
🌐 BtcEX ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5094_BtcEX_BXC
Top ICO #17. WSPX ICO: WSPX ICO is an artificial intelligence based data processing and analysis technology.
🌐 WSPX ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5106_WSPX_WSPX
Top ICO #18. Sound Legends ICO: The Sound Legends ICO provides fully automated interaction between independent artists and their audience.
🌐 Sound Legends ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5148_Sound-Legends_SLC
Top ICO #19. MSG ICO: MSG ICO makes it possible for travellers to access maps and business reviews from their mobile devices.
🌐 MSG ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5164_MSG_MSG
Top ICO #20. Mitoshi ICO: MITOSHI ICO is the next generation of online gaming and crypto-lotteries.
🌐 Mitoshi ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4878_Mitoshi_MTSH
Top ICO #21. GG World Lottery ICO: GG World Lottery ICO strives to provide its users with as many ways of increasing their profits as possible.
🌐 GG World Lottery ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5006_GG-World-Lottery_GGC
Top ICO #22. Gooreo ICO: Gooreo ICO is a unique platform developed to help newly graduated students in finding jobs.
🌐 Gooreo ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4909_Gooreo_OREO
Top ICO #23. Kamen ICO: Kamen ICO is a technical standard used for smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.
🌐 Kamen ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4727_Kamen_KNT
Top ICO #24. Farm ICO: FARM ICO seeks to identify and partner with a few innovative food companies and helps them grow to their full potential.
🌐 Farm ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/5009_Farm_FARMG
Top ICO #25. Indochain ICO: Indochain ICO is a global digital cryptocurrency exchange that comes with a number of features and advantages for traders.
🌐 Indochain ICO review: https://www.icorush.com/ico/4875_Indochain_IDC

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