ZelCash Project Review – Multi-Asset Crypto Wallet w/Encryption, 2FA & More!

This is a review of the ZelCash crypto project and what they have to offer. The ZelCore Wallet is a fully encrypted, multi-asset wallet that brings a whole new level of convenience like username and password for easy, cross-platform access to your funds, including Android and iOS versions. A future decentralized exchange and decentralized app platform will make use of a sophisticated node system. Lots of potential for this project!

In an effort to remain as objective as possible, I have not solicited any funds from ZelCash to make this video. I have also disabled monetization on this video. Please feel free to share this video to help spread the word and show your support for ZelCash.

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📘Table of Contents:
◆ 00:08 Intro
◆ 01:27 ZelCore Wallet
◆ 17:20 ZelCash Website & ZelNodes
◆ 24:53 ZelCash Marketing Plan
◆ 28:54 ZelCash Community Pool
◆ 31:04 Final Thoughts
💻ZelCash Website: https://zel.cash/
💻ZelCore Wallet: https://zelcore.io/
💻ZelCash Whitepaper/Marketing Plan: chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https://zel.cash/pdf/zelcash_whitepaper_v2_English.pdf
💻ZelCash Community Pool: https://pool.zel.cash/
💻ZelCash Nodes Medium Post: https://medium.com/@ZelOfficial/zelnodes-the-decentralized-scalable-high-availability-computing-network-57c1b4245fbd
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15678 - ZelCash Project Review - Multi-Asset Crypto Wallet w/Encryption, 2FA & More!

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