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Hey guys, in this video I talk about, new bitcoin wallet. As with any review I look for the most objective information, in order to help you in deciding whether you should use this service or not. supposed to be a bitcoin, and bitcoin cash wallet, where you can send, receive and store your cryptocurrency money securely. As you see, they claim to operate five time faster than their competition, and supposedly have extremely low exchange rates, in addition to no fees for sending coins.

But the truth is, that you should be very skeptical about all of those nice promises. As facts show that the credibility of this website is very questionable. does not disclose any information regarding their current owners or operators anywhere upon their site. But it’s not only that they lack this type of information, but they choose to use dedicated services to hide their real identity.

In addition to that, the domain is new and set to be active for only 365 days. And probably, it would not be renewed after that. These are red flags and bad signs.

But even worse is that all the names and faces they use in their presentation are FAKE. See for example the stock images used in the testimonials section, and the fictive team member of the scam.

all of the mentioned above facts, are enough to conclude, that until proven otherwise, should not be trusted.

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    lamnewslivi1981 April 18, 2019

    Great channel and Awesome video!

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    This is amazing work, friend.