Reviews, Very interesting ICO PRoject Contents Protocol

Hallo Guys !! This My First Time I Make Video Reviews About ICO Project Contents Protocol .

Contents Protocol is a decentralized protocol to revitalize the premium content industry. Through Contents Protocol, content distribution platforms will be able to provide transparency to user data and insight to the content providers, which will help them create better content in the future and incentivize users for their activities and contribution, which will encourage them to become more active consumers in the industry. WATCHA, Inc. has been operating WATCHA and WATCHA Play for over 6 years in Korea and Japan and currently has 4.5 million users with 400M reviews. To speed up the expansion of the Contents Protocol’s Ecosystem, the Corporation will launch an open source reference platform for each content category of TV, Music, Comics, and E-Books, reducing barriers for potential content platform operators to do business in the ecosystem.

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    abprospasmens1984 December 31, 2018

    This video blew my mind.

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    abprospasmens1984 December 31, 2018

    Keep going and your channel will be the best!

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