Astroid “Hippo”, Quickie Year ReView: A.I. Sophia, Einstein, Buffet On CryptoCurrency

Latest News on Astroid “Hippo” Near Miss. Probably long over by now, more many more Astroids on the way.. See what NASA sees, I didn’t see Santa & reindeer !
Review of A.I. debate -Lisbon, Never Seen before Sophia & Einstein conversations with each other and their creator Dave Hanson. A.I. try to inform public their goals & plans.
Humanity Must heal itself Einstein says, & now the A.I. + CRISPR Gene Editing techniques, it will happen much faster !
Also see (if you haven’t) what Warren Buffet says about Crypto-Currency Bitcoin , or “Butt coins” as TTS calls them), & state of Technology today.

Original of the video here
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    tartderdaygen1981 June 15, 2019

    You just won the internet!