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US Coinbase Users Now Able To Withdraw Funds Through PayPal
Customers from Coinbase in the United States will now have better accessibility when it comes to crypto to fiat as the exchange has now allowed them to withdraw Coinbase cash balances to their PayPal accounts. One of the biggest payment platforms around the world, PayPal will now be the link between the crypto exchange and fiat currencies. It’s worth noting that in order to withdraw to PayPal you won’t need to spend any extra fees.

As a part of the new program, 12 Days of Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange has announced that all the users using the exchange based in the United States will no be able to withdraw their Coinbase cash balances to PayPal for free. The exchange has stated:

“These withdrawals are not only fast; they’re free and incur no fees. We work hard to make Coinbase the easiest and most trusted platform around — and now, moving your cryptocurrency to cash is easier and more affordable than ever.”

Prior to this announcement from Coinbase, users had to depend on a Federal Wire account or an ACH to withdraw their funds which can take around two days to transfer funds to the users. PayPal has removed the middleman (so to speak) and provides users with an instant alternative to work with. In addition to this, it also provides them with a reliable and convenient way to withdraw funds.

What to expect in the future.

As reported by blokt, now, customers of Coinbase must link up their PayPal accounts to their exchange accounts to enable withdrawals. The new feature for the exchange will be rolled out to users of other nations through next year.

The exchange noted that the clients for the exchange want an open financial system which includes having the flexibility to use crypto. Despite this, the crypto exchange:

“This integration is a big step forward in realizing that vision, allowing you to smoothly and instantly transfer your funds to cash.”

The cryptocurrency exchange also announced recently that it would be enabling the users to buy electronic gift cards with cryptocurrency which could be then spent at well-known brands such as Uber and Nike.

On top of all this, Coinbase has created a new watchlist feature on the dashboard which allows users to track cryptocurrencies they are looking at. Digital assets which haven’t been listed on Coinbase yet such as Ripple’s native token XRP can be added to the watchlist.
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