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Why 2019 Will Be A Big Year For Crypto
As 2018 is getting close to its end, a lot of crypto investors are turning their gaze towards the future. Considering the crypto bearish trend that has dominated this entire year, not to mention two big market crashes, it is of no surprise that everyone is more than ready to leave these harsh events behind.

However, a few questions still remain unanswered — what to expect in 2019? Is the situation going to change, or will there be just more of the same? Is investing now, when the prices are low, a good idea? These are the issues on every investor’s mind right now.

What to expect in 2019 in terms of crypto value?
Understandably, after a year such as 2018, expectations of the future are quite high. The crypto scene is still in its infancy, as many analysts have stated numerous times. Add a few more issues, such as regulatory uncertainty, mistrust coming from institutional investors, and constant hacks, scams, and theft that have been a significant factor in this and previous years, and it’s no wonder that the market keeps crashing.

However, there is more to it than that. Due to high volatility and no real control over cryptocurrencies, a massive bull run of 2017 brought cryptos to heights that were not supposed to be reached that early. Because of that, some analysts claim that, what we perceive as market crashes, are simply attempts of the market to correct itself and bring cryptos back to where they should be at this time.

Cryptocurrencies are advancing rapidly, but even they have to do it gradually. Considering how the prices dropped pretty low in the last 11 months, many believe that surviving coins will now continue to steadily advance throughout 2019.

2019 will be a big year for crypto and investors

Those who kept a close eye on the crypto scene in the past several months are undoubtedly aware of a few events and projects that were already supposed to take place. Unfortunately, they were constantly postponed, with the latest updates completely pushing them into the next year. Two things, in particular, are important in this regard, which are the Bakkt exchange and the US SEC Bitcoin ETF decision.

Months ago, when the Bitcoin ETF applications were all that anyone would talk about, several experts predicted that 2018 is simply too early in the crypto history to expect BTC ETFs to arrive. Those same experts predicted them in 2019, at best. Meanwhile, the SEC continued to either reject applications or push the decision further and further down the line.

Now, as the decision is once again postponed for February 27th, 2019, investors have remembered those early predictions. If they come to pass, and ETFs are truly approved, that will mark a big change for crypto. Institutional investors are expected to finally join the space at that point, as risks of having their funds stolen would finally be eliminated. This is due to the fact that they would no longer be forced to actually own crypto in order to invest in it.

Investors are not scared of volatility, but of security issues, instead. If this problem was to be dealt with, then their concerns would be significantly reduced.

As for the Bakkt exchange, it would also demonstrate that working with crypto is not as scary as it seems. Not only that, but some of the big and influential companies such as Starbucks and Microsoft will be backing the project. A reference from them is bound to lead at least some institutions into reconsidering their stance. Launching Bakkt will also mean that cryptos are getting one step closer to mainstream usage, as their potential applications will expand.

Indeed, there is much that we can expect in 2019, and big changes are coming. While skeptics are always ready to argue against it, optimists remain excited, as the changes that are about to arrive will forever alter the position of crypto in the world.
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