Bitclub Network Mining Pools(Bitcoin mining pools)

This video explains how actually did Cryptocurrency came to existence, all through the evolution of money. And it is here to stay, and this are just early days. #Poverty must die.

1. Register with a local Bitcoin Wallet(if you are in SA download and install Luno, other countries contact me will assist in finding correct Wallet for your country)

*Register with Luno using the link below

2. Buy Bitcoin from the Bitcoin Wallet you downloaded above

3. Sign up on Bitclub Network using the link below

4.Click upgrade me account, then click upgrade me button, an invoice will be generated. Pay invoice using Bitcoin Wallet

5.Once activated, click shop, then buy mining shares. Select pool you want to buy. Pay invoice using Bitcoin Wallet

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  • comment-avatar
    artitora1978 June 15, 2019

    This video blew my mind.

  • comment-avatar
    boamaponath1978 November 22, 2019

    Aquamarine. This is new school.