The Best & Most secure Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet? – COBO VAULT . (Arcane Bear Review)

We are so excited to see these new wallets and their founders go through such a great deal of work to bring you the next generation in hardware cryptocurrency wallets. They are self-funding their project via Indie-gogo, Ip68 water, and dust resistant, military-grade casing, doesn’t connect to wifi NFC or USB! This is the first of its kind and a spectacular version of what we think the next wallets look like. It stores Bitcoin, Litecoin Ethereum EOS and many more, So help them launch their new wallet today, WE will be back in Canada in a few days to unbox and share our thoughts on this amazing cryptocurrency wallet and why we think it leaves the competition dead in the dust!

Get yours before the rest of the pack!

Our Review:


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**Keep your Cryptos Secure With A Hardware Wallet**

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