“Bitcoin University Review” – Is “BitcoinUniversity Scam” – “Bitcoin University Software Review”

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“Bitcoin University Review” – Is “BitcoinUniversity Scam” – “Bitcoin University Software Review”

This review looks into the Bitcoin University program that is promising money from cryptocurrencies. It is presented by Brian Hawkins.

What is BitcoinUniversity about
The Bitcoin University that is subject of this review is not an educational program, it is a trading program that will generate trading signals for you to execute on your account.

These signals allegedly have the potential to make you more than 86 thousand dollars in one month. For free, because the signals are free. Really?

Why is Bitcoin University a scam
The Bitcoin University video is full of statements about how much money you would now have if you invested in bitcoin a few years ago. But we all know that, anybody can say that.

Anybody can also say how much money you would now have now if you invested in Apple, Google or for example Shell years ago. This is a futile exercise… But scammers like it, because they want you to dream so that they can convince you that they are able to predict future price movements. But they can’t.

Because if they could, they would be millionaires and enjoying life instead of bothering you and begging you to join their program for free.

00:15 Brian Hawkins
Hawkins from the Bitcoin University video is a fictitious character. The whole story is made up, just to make the scam look credible, but it fails.

Check our picture to see that the photo of his woman that Hawkins shows is a stock photo. Everything is fake.

00:30 Fake testimonials
In the Bitcoin University video you will also see a lot of people endorsing the program. All the reviews are fake, these people are paid actors who have never used this system. See our picture for a proof.

00:45 How it really works
So, how do scammers get your money? It is simple, right when you register you will be told that you have to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker called MYfintec.

Scammers cooperate with this broker and once they get your money, it is over, you will never get it back.

01:00 Conclusion
Bitcoin University is a scam. If you want to make money in cryptocurrencies trading, start learning on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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“Bitcoin University Review” – Is “BitcoinUniversity Scam” – “Bitcoin University Software Review”

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