“Bitcoin Robot24 Review” – Is “BitcoinRobot24 Scam” Software – “Bitcoin Robot24 Software Review”

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“Bitcoin Robot24 Review” – Is “BitcoinRobot24 Scam” Software – “Bitcoin Robot24 Software Review”

In this review we expose the Bitcoin Robot 24 trading software scam.

What is BitcoinRobot24 about
BitcoinRobot24 is an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. It allegedly is profitable both in bull and bear markets. As simple as that.

It costs $17. So, can you start making money with it for just $17?

Why is Bitcoin Robot24 a scam
The first thing you should notice is that BitcoinRobot24 is an anonymous and unlicensed software, so it cannot be offered legally in most countries.

00:15 A trading robot that is supposed to trade on your account is considered to be an investment advice service and is subject to heavy regulation. But BitcoinRobot24 is not licensed in any country.

We had a look at the software and we discovered that it runs on a solution that we have seen in action many times, but with scams only.

On our picture you will see that the same trading software is used by scams like Crypto Pro, Crypto Robot and Cloud Coin.

00:30 We get plenty of feedback from real users about this software, so we know that it is losing money in trading. It is a losing software, a piece of garbage.

And often it will force you to use unregulated brokers, which is another huge red flag.

00:45 Conclusion
Bitcoin Robot 24 is a losing software that is absolutely worthless, don’t buy it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, forget about robots and learn to trade profitably by yourself. Practice on a free demo with a regulated broker until you have a profitable strategy.

Don’t forget that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so act responsibly.

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“Bitcoin Robot24 Review” – Is “BitcoinRobot24 Scam” Software – “Bitcoin Robot24 Software Review”

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